5 Best Herbal Remedies For Pancreatitis

Herbal Remedies For Pancreatitis

Pancreatitis can be defined as the occurrence of inflammation especially in the pancreas. It is a chronic disorder of the digestive system that is extremely difficult to cure completely however with suitable remedies it can be reverted and stopped in its tracks. Pancreas and its surrounding tissues get damaged due to the secretion of certain digestive enzymes and this generally occurs between the ages of 30 years and 40 years. The most obvious symptom of pancreatitis is chronic bouts of pain in the abdomen, cramps, swelling in that area, nausea, fever, headaches and others. These symptoms further progress into weight loss, diabetes, jaundice, complications in the liver, and anaemia.

Researchers claim that that the reason behind the occurrence of this disease could be excessive consumption of smoking and drinking as the primary cause, gall stones, injury to pancreatic region, accumulation of fat in blood, and probably some fungal or bacterial infection in the pancreas could also be the cause of this inflammation. Herbal remedies are an alternative that can help in the prevention of this disease and these remedies also have the potential to cure this ailment and lower its impact. Some examples of theses herbal remedies are mentioned below.

Herbal Remedies For Pancreatitis

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera For Pancreatitis

Aloe Vera is an herb of with bulbous stems that are modified leaves containing gel like substance and this green coloured gel is known to be directly used in many ailments as it is highly potent. Not only is the gel, Aloe Vera juice equally beneficial in treating chronic pain in the abdomen caused due to pancreatitis. As it is anti-inflammatory, this herbal juice also prevents and removes any kind of oedema and inflammation. The ideal dosage is half a cup of its juice, to be taken no more than thrice a day.


Ginger For Pancreatitis

The root of this herb is actually highly beneficial in treating and preventing pancreatitis. One can slice the roots and directly chew it at least twice a day. The juice of fresh ginger when combined with sugar and consumed is also very effective in healing the pancreas. It helps in the reduction of inflammation and lessens the stomach ache as well. Some people prefer ginger supplements to the fresh root.

Gymnema Sylvestre

Gymnema Sylvestre For Pancreatitis

This is another well-known herb for the repair of the wear and tear of the tissues in and around pancreas. It is better known as Gudmar and is readily available in the form of powder as well as supplements. Taking the powder twice daily for a long period of time ensures the rebuilding of the worn off and damaged cells of the pancreatic region. Gymnema herbal tea is equally beneficial in curing and providing relief in the pain in the abdomen, it is also helpful in the prevention of diabetes that occurs due to pancreas.

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Basil For Pancreatitis

This herb is of Indian origin but is found all over the world. It is an excellent remedy for treating the causes and effects of pancreatitis. As it is anti-inflammatory in nature, half a teaspoon taken with a glass of water is best for getting rid of the inflammation in the pancreas. The herbal tea preparations are also effective in providing overall relief.


Gentian For Pancreatitis

Gentian root is one of the best remedies for treating chronic pancreatitis. It is antibiotic and therefore helps in eradicating the infection causing bacteria. It is an age old remedy for treating ailments related to digestion. It is also very beneficial in preventing the enzymes from harming the pancreas.