4 Best Haircuts For Long Faces

Haircuts Tips For Long Faces

The first step towards getting a perfect hairstyle is to identify the face shape and a long face is defined by a square forehead and a square jawline. The secret towards achieving the best haircut for a long face is to hide the imperfections and make the face look more oval. Experts say that it is better to avoid growing your hair too long if you have long face because that makes the face look longer.

So, if you want to know the tips and tricks for getting the best haircut suitable for long faces, you can do so by reading ahead.

Haircuts Tips For Long Faces

Step Cut

A step cut is considered to be the perfect haircut for long faces as it helps to create contours along the face and makes it look more oval. Always try to keep the steps up to the shoulder length as it helps to draw away the attention from the square jawline.

Step haircut looks perfect on wavy hair or slightly curly hair as the steps become more prominent and looks more beautiful. However, you can also opt for this hairstyle if your hair is straight. Just curl up the steps lightly with a holding hairspray and a curling iron and you are ready to go.

Step Cut For Long Faces

Long Bob

Long bob is another haircut which looks very gorgeous on long faces. A long inverted bob haircut with bangs looks just perfect on this facial structure. If you have a broad forehead which is a common characteristic of any long face, try to hide the imperfection with long fringes, straight-across bangs or a thick side swept bang.

Medium length bobs which come down to the jawline also look quite decent on long faces, but always try to avoid cutting your hair above the level of your ears as it gives prominence to the square jawline.

Long Bob For Long Faces

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Layer Cut

Layer cut is probably the only haircut which looks good on any face and helps to accentuate the features without distorting them too much and without doing away with the actual beauty of the face. There are thousands of variations of a layer cut and you can always explore the wide varieties to check which style suits you best.

For instance, if you have thin hair, always try to keep your layers long instead of keeping them short. On the other hand, if you have thick hair, keeping the layers short and edgy helps to impart more bounciness and volume.

Layer Cut For Long Faces

Play With Curls

Curls can perfectly balance out the excessive broadness of a long face and tone down its rigidness. If you have naturally curly hair then you are blessed but if you have wavy or straight hair, you can always try to add the glam quotient by curling up your tresses with styling products to get the perfect look. You can also create a fake bob hairstyle by holing up your hair in curls.

Play With Curls For Long Faces

Other than that, framing your hair with soft curls can also enhance the features of your long face by hiding the broad forehead and jaw line. So, if you have identified your facial shape by now, you can definitely try some of these haircuts to get better and smarter looks.

Haircuts For Long Faces