6 Best Flower Girl Hairstyles

Best Flower Girl Hairstyles

Flower girls are an important aspect of any wedding and they would love to look as pretty and amazing as the bride. One of the aspect which they need to give utter importance to is the hairstyle as everyone taking part in the wedding proceedings need to look perfect. There are various unique fun hairstyles which the flower girls can adorn to look simply amazing and adorable.

Making sure you choose the most appropriate hairstyle is very important as a wedding is an affair which does not take place every day in someone’s life. Some of the best flower girl hairstyles which can be worn at the weddings are discussed in the following.

Flower Girl Hairstyles

Lace Braided Bun

Lace Braided Bun Hairstyle

This appears to be one of the most favorite of the lot when it comes to choosing the hairstyle for the flower girls. This is a very neat classic looking style and would go with any kind of dress and a wedding setting. It hardy takes up five minutes of your time, but it makes the little girls looks sweet and neat. This holds up properly throughout the day without any hassles.

Double Sided Waterfall French Braids

Waterfall French Braids Hairstyle

This is something unique and will look outstanding when tried on by the little girls. This is not very hard to try as well and does stay in place for quite a bit of time. You can try various versions of this style by making a French braid through the middle of the hair as well. This will make the flower girl extremely adorable and different from the crowd.

Single Braided Tie Back

Single Braided Tie Back Hairstyle

This is a another very simple and sweet hairstyle . All you need to do in this is take small strands of hair from either side of the hair and make small braids. Then you need to pull those braids at the back at the center and tie it up either in a flower formation or any other as you prefer. You can leave the rest of the hair down as this makes the flower girl look elegant, simple and classy.

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Pleated Piggy Tails

Pleated Piggy Tails Hairstyle

These are in great fashion as well, along with being extremely hassle free as well. Make two cute looking pleated piggy tails at the back and in the front you can make a side partition to give it a separate effect. Also you can tie two ribbon bows to the piggy tails at the back or even put a hair band with a bow on it to complete the sweet, ever adorable look.

Cute Formal Updo

Cute Formal Updo Hairstyle

For a more of a elegant formal setting, you can do a quick simple formal updo. Along with which you can accessorize it with some plain head bands making you look perfect for the occasion, according to the theme and mood of the wedding. You can also make a side swept braid and combine it into the bum to give it a unique look.

Giving It The Final Look

Loops Hairstyle

You can make sure to make the look feel special by adding nice flower bands, clips, loops to the hairstyles in order to match the atmosphere at the wedding. Choosing the hairstyle based on the theme, the color, the style of the dress all play a pivotal role in deciding the right model.

Flower Girl Hairstyle