3 Best Fairy Bedroom Theme Ideas

Best Fairy Bedroom Theme Ideas

When it comes to bedroom theme ideas, parents get the chance to be creative and make a room for their child that he or she will remember long after growing up. Some of the most popular themes for decorating the bedroom of a little girl is a fairy theme.

A fairy theme, especially one that is based on Disney fairies such as Tinkerbell is a very popular theme for bedroom ideas for baby girls. The fairy bedroom theme involves the use of light pastel shades such as pale pink and lilac and also the use of motifs that represent the fairy world.

Fairy Bedroom Theme

The following points will tell you about fairy bedroom theme ideas which you can use to decorate the room of your baby girl.

Wall Décor

Wall Décor

The wall décor of a room with fairy bedroom theme ideas is the most important part of designing the room. You can either choose wallpapers or paint the room in pastel shades or pink or lilac. If you want wallpapers, then you can choose interesting ones that come with pictures of fairies, castles and stars and moons. These wallpapers come in pale shades with beautiful fairies and other depictions. If you are using wallpapers then you will not need to put up any other pictures of wall hangings to depict the fairy theme. On the other hand, if you want to paint the room, then you after painting the wall in pale colors you can put up wall hangings that have pictures of fairies. The colors that you can use for painting include soft green, lavender, periwinkle, lilac and baby pink. You can use stencils to make an enchanted forest, baby unicorns, butterflies, and shimmering fairies. You can also use wall decals and murals that come in the peel and stick variety.

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The furniture in the room of a baby girl includes cribs, small and low stools, lamps, rugs, curtains and so on. It is best to buy these things after you have finished with the wall décor. This is because; you can match the furniture and upholstery in the room with the colors in the wall or the wallpaper. For instance, if you have used lavender, you can buy a crib set that comes in shades of lavender, light purple and white. The bedding sets for baby girls usually come in soft colors and you can match with the color theme in the room. You can also buy the rest of the furniture to match the color of the room. Use laces and satins to decorate the curtains and hangings. You can also use do-it-yourself decorations.


Fairy Bedroom Theme Ideas

Another thing related to fairy bedroom theme ideas is personalization. Your baby girl may love certain things such as laces, tinsels, shimmers or certain colors. You can use these colors and materials when you are designing her room. You can also be more creative and have the ceiling of the room painted with stars from a fairy’s wand which glow at night.