Best Diet For Fibromyalgia

fibromyalgia diet

fibromyalgia diet Before discussing an effective diet for fibromyalgia there are two important aspects of the condition that we must be aware of. Firstly a clear understanding of what fibromyalgia is and secondly, what are the causes of the condition. This will help us to chart a suitable diet for the clinical condition.

Fibromyalgia and Its Cause

Fibromyalgia is a medical condition in which the victim experiences widespread muscle pain throughout the body along with tiredness and fatigue. The symptoms do not get reduced even when you take adequate rest. The condition of fibromyalgia specially affects women of all ages.

The main causes of the symptoms are yet to be specified. Fibromyalgia of the muscles gets accompanied with swelling of the joints, muscles and the tender connective tissues. Because the actual causes are yet to be ascertained, relief from the symptoms is offered by prescribing anti-inflammatory and pain relief tablets.

One of the other symptoms that accompany the medical condition is food sensitivities. Patients have reported some relief from the symptoms when they follow a particular diet while eliminating others.

Diet for Fibromyalgia

Here is a suggested diet for fibromyalgia, which has had some beneficial effects on the medical condition.

Avoid any Kind of Preservatives

Physicians believe that a fresh and green diet will reduce the symptoms of fibromyalgia. Since the condition is accompanied with inflammation of the muscles and the tender fibers, enhancing the blood circulation will enable the regeneration and strengthening of the weakened cells. Green and fresh vegetables help to improve blood circulation.

Refrain from taking any kind of preservatives like sulfates or nitrates that will aggravate the inflammation of the muscles and joints.

Avoid Taking Food in Its Raw State

Avoid food that contains minerals and other elements that need to be detoxified. Pressure on the detoxification system of the body enhances inflammation in case of fibromyalgia. This is the reason why patients suffering from the clinical condition are advised from eating uncooked food. Moreover, properly cooked food completely destroys microbes and fungus infestations that might cause irritation.

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Include Magnesium

Magnesium supplements produce a positive effect on the inflammatory condition of the muscles. Moreover, magnesium helps to strengthen the tissues and helps in recovery of damaged muscle tissues. Refried beans, lentils, kidney beans are very good natural sources of magnesium.

Avoid Caffeine

Caffeine puts pressure on the detoxification system of the body. This might lead to fatigue and inflammation of the joints. Caffeine is also responsible for hindering blood circulation.

Avoid Aspartame or Nutra Sweet

Research shows that patients of fibromyalgia have higher concentration of nutra sweet in their system. Somewhere, the use of Aspartame aggravates the symptoms of the clinical condition. Aspartame acts as stimuli to the pain receptor that converts the acute pain of the condition to chronic state.

Avoid Food Containing High Glycemic Index

Potato, carrot, beet root, onions have high glycemic indexes. This enhances the inflammatory condition of the joints and muscles causing an aggravation of the symptoms.

The diet for fibromyalgia will be decided upon by the severity of the symptoms expressed by fibromyalgia.