Best Clothing To Wear While Breastfeeding

Best Clothing To Wear While Breastfeeding

Best Clothing To Wear While Breastfeeding Once your baby is born, you feel marginally elated at the clothes you can now start to wear. The joy is however short lived as nursing women find themselves to be restricted and inconvenienced in the kind of clothes that they can wear.

Fashion options are a lot less limited now that you are breast feeding. While your wardrobe may need to be tweaked, it is still possible to wear fashionable outfits while satiating your baby’s appetite.

The Right Nursing Bra

This is by far the most important nursing essential. Not just one but several of them will be needed in your breast feeding journey. Buy a couple of them and stash them away in your night case when you are being admitted in the hospital. However these may no longer fit once your breasts swell up uncomfortably with milk. There are many kinds of nursing bras available- under wired, without under wires, padded, frilly, lacy, daily use and no-nonsense ones.

They have cups that unhook from the front or from the centre of the cleavage. Or you have ones with removable straps. Try different types and pick up something you can afford and are comfortable with. If they are too tight and difficult to open up, don’t buy them. Do keep in mind that you will be unhooking your bra with one hand and holding the crying baby with the other hand. The bra cloth should have strong, breathable cotton and has room to grow as your breasts expand.

Two-piece Clothes

Two piece clothes are optimal for breast feeding. You can easily pull up the shirt and feed the child. Or if the shirt is front open with buttons, then the bottom buttons can be opened and the baby can be fed. Look for nursing designs with hidden flaps in the front. These are extremely convenient, giving easy access to your baby as she feeds. These hidden flaps can facilitate pumping and can also be used by women who have a larger bust line.


Stay away from pastels, sheers and whites as they show leaks very obviously. Stick to dark monotones and single solid colours like black and navy blue. These will adequately mask any milk leaks and also lumpy pads.

Wear Washable Clothes

One needs to be downright practical when it comes to nursing. Avoid wearing silk, nylon and linen shirts and blouses as they will get ruined with leaks and several washes over time. Stick to cotton as it is washable and durable.

Nursing Pads

Just nursing bras are not enough. It is important to also wear nursing pads that stick on in front of your nursing bra inside the cup area. These provide comfort for engorged breasts and also soak up any excessive leaks. They come in two varieties namely disposables and non disposables. The disposable ones can be discarded with each use and the non disposable ones are reusable and washable. You can tuck in one or two especially if you are prone to severe leaks or suffer from acute breast engorgement. Look for cotton ones rather than synthetic ones