Best Anti Aging Skin Care For Wonderful Skin

healthy skin care

healthy skin care A building when built with good quality of material, followed by maintenance can stay strong for years together. It’s the same with our looks and skin is an important part of our looks. One can also make out whether a person is healthy or not by looking at the skin and can say that “Skin” is an indicator of knowing what is happening in our body.

If asked, everyone would want to have the skin texture they had when they were newly born. With passing time, due to many reasons your skin changes its texture but there is no rocket science or expensive treatments to maintain the skin to a certain extent.Your skin gets affected mainly due to two reasons; Health and Thoughts, the health depends on your food intake and activities, and how you feel about yourself is totally upto you.

These days due to heavy pollution, long working hours, performance pressure, responsibilities, disturbed routine life, wrong food habits make us look at least five years elder to what you are. But to keep it maintained  is in our hands by making some simple and small changes to our day-to-day life.

Anti Aging Skin Care Tips For Wonderful Skin

 Dietary Do’s and Don’ts

When do you look old? The answer is when you see your dry skin, wrinkles, no glow, dullness etc on your face. Firstly, let us look at all possible solutions which are in your hands and that is to have a proper intake of food and liquid. You should make sure that you drink at least three liters of water and one liter of other kinds of healthy liquids per day, which would help you to flush out the toxins in the body. In this manner, your body would feel good and become healt

Avoid coffee to the maximum possible extent as it leads to dehydration. You need your body to retain water and not lose it. Hence, coffee should be on your ‘Not- To- have’ list of diet. When your body is lacking in water, your skin starts showing more wrinkles as it becomes dry and is void of water. So, you should avoid all such food items as much as possible.

Eating fruits daily will help to you to increase your immunity a lot and it would also provide your body with other required vitamins which would help you to look fresh. Fruits are rich in all the nutrients that your body direly needs to avoid aging.

Having bottle guard juice is the best way to have clear skin and it also helps you to reduce fats. In this manner, you can stay slim and look fresh, as well. A younger body obviously denotes lesser symptoms of aging.
You can also have at least one basil leaf everyday since it would help you to increase the oxygen level in your body.

Healthy Routine

Along with having good food intake, it is very important for you to exercise on a regular basis for at least one hour daily. This routine will help you to generate metabolism which would help you to get the excess heat out of the body and maintain the blood circulation levels which are necessary for you to remain healthy and intact. exercise for wonderful look

Many a times due to less oxygen levels in the body, a person starts looking dull and it seems like he/ she has aged a lot. Hence, one would make it a habit of waking up early, going for walks in fresh air, exercising and eating good and nutritious food. Sleeping early and taking at least six – eight hours of sleep is a necessity which keeps your body & mind calm and fresh.

Proper Hydration

There are a few things which are not in your hands like the pollution levels, air conditioning in the offices or showrooms and such other factors but you can take care of your skin in these situations by taking proper and necessary precautions. Air conditioning has become an integral part of everyone’s lives but you don’t know that the cooling machine is taking away all the moisture from the skin resulting into skin dryness and fading of your skin cells.

You should make sure that you have one liter of additional water or splash water on your face once every hour when in office or anywhere where you are exposed to the AC. As for the pollution, you should make sure you take a shower or wash your face with a cleanser before sleeping so that the dust particles do not retain in your skin or hamper it.

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Home Spun Treatments

On the weekends, pamper your skin with simple household spas like the one where you use tomato juice or eggs for skin tightening and tan removal and Multani mud for softening of skin. use tamato for your skin
The beauty industry is growing in revenues due to the demand of such products. However, you must try and avoid the application of cosmetics as much as you can as they hamper your skin in the long run which results into unwanted skin conditions and wrinkles. In their place, you should try natural remedies to cure skin problems and avoid aging.

Positive Thinking and Meditation

It is said “Nothing can sink the ship unless it lets the water inside”. In a similar way, nothing can make one feel aged or old unless one feels so themselves. If possible take at least one hour everyday to do things which you enjoy the most. Before sleeping go for a five minutes meditation and keep aside all your worries by thinking positive and believing in it.

Walk Whenever Possible

The most important thing for you to try is to get out of the house for a half an hour walk to absorb the ample oxygen available, also to get the treasure of vitamin D which is only available at the time of sunrise.

Your life can be beautiful and young. The only thing is that you should feel so and not restrict it with number. Let each passing day be a worth living experience for you and do things that would make your skin come to life. The above mentioned tips would surely help you in attaining the same.