Best Advice On Dating

Dating advice

Dating advice Irrespective of whether you are new to the dating scene or have laudable dating experience, you can surely benefit from dating tips and advice. No one is an expert when it comes to dating and we all make mistakes so it is better to err on the side of caution.

With the help of these tips, most people can endeavour to chalk out fruitful and enduring relationships and have wonderful dating experiences. Different tactics work for different people but there are some general rules and advice that you need to keep in mind before you enter the arena of dating.

Dating Tips And Advice

Prepare Yourself

There is nothing like arming yourself for pleasurable dating experience. You need to mentally tune yourself into the idea of dating and meeting interesting people of the opposite sex. A half-hearted approach will not work and will only give you halfhearted results.

You also need to start according value to people of the opposite sex and see them as beautiful human beings who are not there to be played or used. You are more likely to be accepted and liked by your date if you give value to him/her.

Look Your Best

Appearances however shallow do matter. Outward appearance sells like hot cakes so make it a point to look and feel your best. Always be nicely turned out so that you are visually appealing to people of the opposite sex. Make an effort to dress well. Check your lifestyle and eating habits.

Best advice on dating

If you are overweight, join a gym. You will score more brownie points if you are slim. Get a stylish haircut and groom yourself well to appear presentable to the opposite sex. Hone on your manners and etiquettes. Invest in good clothes. Do not try to be something you are not. Wear clothes, which suit you and look good on you.

What Do You Want Out Of Dating

Before you start to date, you need to ask yourself what are your goals from dating. Do you just want sex, some thrills or are you looking to settle down. Accordingly chalk out your approach.

If you just want to hook up with someone, you will have to tread very cautiously because nobody likes to be with someone who is going to use him or her. You will obviously need to clarify things and make sure that you and your date are on the same page lest there be any animosity and bad blood.

Start Moving Out

If you have friends with valuable relationships and a good dating record, start moving out with them and their dates’ friends. You will be more likely to meet someone you like or are attracted to.

Do not hang around people who have a cynical and lopsided view of marriages and relationships because their negativity is also likely to affect you. Make yourself known in gatherings by engaging everyone in a decent conversation.

Join Different Avenues And Clubs

Advice on dating

Try to figure out places where you are likely to meet people of the opposite sex. It could be a gym, a hobby club, or some agency for outdoor excursions where you are likely to meet interesting people of the opposite sex.

Maintain High Standards

One dating rule, which most men and women tend to overlook, is maintaining high standards. Do not make yourself too available to the opposite sex. Nobody wants to date someone who is desperate and available at his or her beck and call. Try to remain busy.

A person who has his/her own set of interests is more attractive and appealing to the opposite sex. Be very clear about the behaviour, which you want and expect from your date. Do not sleep with your date too early in the relationship, as this does not bode too well for the date.

Let The Man Pursue you

If you are a woman, you should let the man pursue you and do some of the work in the relationship. Do not be the one to do the calling, emailing and checking on. Enjoy each other’s company but make sure you always keep the man guessing.

Do Not Be Rude

Always be polite when you are dating. Do not be rude, obnoxious or full of yourself. Nobody likes to date a self absorbed, self-obsessed person. Listen to your date and have genuine interest in what they have to say. This will pave the way for a healthy and fruitful dating experience.


One big sore point amongst dating couples is the lack of punctuality. No man or woman likes to be kept waiting or stood up. If you are habitually late, it shows that you do not value the other person’s time. Show respect for the other person’s time. If you are running late, ensure that you inform your date and apologize for the same.

Have Fun

Dating tips

The best revenge you can take on someone is to have fun. You will automatically attract a lot of people if only you know how to have fun. Let your hair down and lose the chip on your shoulder in order to be more appealing and fun to your date.

Listen To The Inner Voice

Many a times we tend to ignore obvious dating red flags. By not paying heed to these, we tend to become emotional messes. Trust your gut instinct when you know that a particular behaviour is wrong. Deal with potential red flags. Listen to well meaning friends if they are obviously pointing out something wrong.

Keep Your Parents Informed

While most youngsters of today’s generation would rather not let their parents into the realm of their dating world, it is still better to do so. Our own family will never give us hurtful or damaging advice. Confiding in a trusted family member will give you insightful tips on a dating experience so that you will be well informed and well versed to deal with any problems that crop up.

These tips are a basic guideline to have a good dating relationship. Success will also depend on the commitment and sensitivity of both partners to ensure a beneficial dating experience.