Benefits Of Whole Grains For Health Of Baby

The Best Whole Grains For The Health Of Your Baby

The Best Whole Grains For The Health Of Your Baby Is your baby not improving by his weight or does he not like the foods that you feed him or you do not find the varieties of tasty foods  for  your child.  Whoever mother reads this,  she feels that she has one such baby. Well, it is time for bidding adieu to eating unhealthy foods, owing to various reasons like working mothers or babies going to day care centers.

Kitchen is the best hospital for your child and mother is the best doctor to her baby as well.  This does not connote a meaning that,  you need to spend many hours of your time to prepare foods for your kid. Specifically, speaking about the whole grains which really take very less time to prepare small quantities of foods to protect the health of your child.

Importance Of Whole Grains

Whole grains are supplements of sound health, taste and varieties and so your kid never gets bored to eat  them. For the proper growth of children both physically and mentally, it is highly essential to give them balanced and healthy diet. One such diet that a mother should know about is whole grains. All varieties of whole grains including rice, black gram, red gram, barley, wheat and tuar dal play a vital role in enriching the strength and immunity system of our baby.

Any new food to babies may cause indigestion symptoms in the initial stage and to avoid that, a mother should take necessary precautionary measures while giving new food to her baby and especially when she starts feeding  the whole grains.

Grind Rice And Dal Before Cooking

It is advisable to heat rice and dal separately in a pan and grind them after they become cool. You need not grind to get the form of exact flour, but a kind of granules is sufficient. The grinded crunchy granules can be cooked for your baby’s rice and dal in a semi liquid form and I am sure that it will be much tastier menu for your baby.

A point to be remembered by a mother is that, she should not store grinded rice and dal in huge quantities because they may lose their freshness and sometimes unnoticeable worms can also enter in to them.  Hence, always prepare the crunchy granules of rice and dal in small quantities from the fresh stock available to you.

Good Effects Of Barley Soup On The Health Of Your Child

Barley grains are proven to be effective since  many generations in protecting physical health and its importance lies in hydrating the body. As such, there is no specific limitation regarding the number of times that you feed barley grains to your baby.

The process is very simple to prepare barley soup. Boil two table spoons of barley grains in adequate water for not more than one minute and the water turns in to the form of starch after barley grains are boiled fully in hot water. The prime advantage of barley soup lies in triggering hunger and proper digestion for your baby.

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