Benefits Of Outdoor Games In Children

Outdoor Games

This is the age of internet, video games, mobile phone and television. Children have so many preoccupations inside their homes that they hardly tend to go out to play games. This is a growing trend which is affecting a child’s health, mental development and social interaction.

Children are showing an utter disinterest in the outside world which is pretty alarming. Outdoor games play a big role in a child’s growth and development, both physical and psychological.

Benefits Of Outdoor Games In Children

Physical Growth

Outdoor games help a child to grow up to be a healthy human being. For proper growth of bones, muscles and nerves, the children must involve in regular outdoor games. Playing in the sun provides regular dose of vitamin D to a child.

Outdoor Games

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Regular outdoor physical activity is important because it prevents obesity or health hazards which may lead to diseases like high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes or heart diseases at a comparatively younger age.

Swimming, running, jungle gym climbing, jumping etc. are various fun activities which fall under aerobic and bone and muscle building exercises . Children who love such activities as a child will grow up as a healthy adult.

Social Interaction and Confidence Building

Playing outdoors encourages interaction with friends. As children play in groups, they interact with each other consciously or unconsciously which in turn brush up their social skills.

Even the shy children tend to open up in an outdoor atmosphere where kids with different psychological attributes play together. Games like soccer or cricket play a great role in this regard.

Outdoor Games In Children

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Even if they run around or play in the swing or slide in large groups, they will boost up their confidence. A child develops confidence every time he or she tries new things while playing games, because it involves some kind of risk.

Stress Buster

Running and playing outside in the fresh air makes a child happy and he or she can distress from the pressure of studies or other brainstorming activities. It creates equilibrium between body and mind.

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Experiencing Nature

Outdoor games can improve a child’s perception. When a child plays amidst nature, he or she uses the sense organs liberally. Smelling, touching and watching objects around him/her make him or her well aware of the surroundings.

This also encourages the creative imagination of a child. The great outdoors will open up the world of a child. Watching trees, flowers, water, sky, clouds, sand or birds can brush up their imagination to a considerable extent.

Outdoor Games In Children

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One very important aspect of outdoor games is team work. Most of the activities children do at home are solo activities. Involvement in team sports will brush up a number of skills like social interaction, problem-solving skills, discipline, leadership quality and adherence to rules.

A child will learn how to perform as a team which will help him/her in his/her future endeavors. Qualities like body and mind coordination, sharing and listening skills are also brushed up by team sports. Researchers have already claimed that there are specific benefits of outdoor games for children.

Children grow pretty fast up to 13 years. This is a very crucial period and outdoor games play an important role in developing their overall physical and mental capabilities, social skills and imagination. If you encourage your child to play outdoors, he or she will grow up a healthy and happy child and it will bring about benefits in the long run.