Basic Method Of How to Apply Eye Shadow

Playing with lights and shadows; that’s what makeup is all about. Lighter shades are used for bringing out some areas while darker ones are helpful in making some spots appear deeper. Shadows can be used in several ways such as by mixing different textures, colors and glitters etc.

This is a basic method of applying eye shadow, you can make it darker, deeper or lighter as per your requirements. But with this base, you can really not go wrong:-

How to Apply Eye Shadow

Priming Your Eyelids

A dab of liquid concealer or foundation and eyeshadow primer can be used. As the day continues, this step will ensure that your eyeshadow doesn’t appear dull on your cheeks, but instead it will remain vibrant on your eyelids. Use your clean fingers or a makeup sponge for application of the primer.

Priming Your Eyelids

From the lash line, the primer has to be blended into your brow bone. Take a cream shadow and rub a makeup sponge or fingertip in it. The cream has to be dabbed gently onto your eyelid and then evenly blended. The pad of your ring finger should be used for dispensing the color evenly and gently in order to prevent deposits of color all over your eyelid.

Adding Base Color

Light brown, beige or peach are some neutral colors that should be added first. These colors should only be applied to the eyelid. This application is regarded as base. No matter what colors you are using for blending purposes, the base should be formed with the lightest of them all.

apply base color to eye shadow

The eyeshadow will last longer during the day when a good primer or base is used by people. Investing in a good base is the right choice as it sets your makeup for the day and also helps in defining the shadows of the eyes.

Next Layer

The crease should now be applied with a slightly darker shade. However, this shade shouldn’t be extended upwards and should only remain on the crease. Richer colors can be used for achieving an extremely bold look. A light colored primer should be used for the whole eye i.e. up till the eyebrow if people are thinking of using three colors.

Adding Color to eyeshadow

The crease should be made with a bit dark highlighter. The lid should be applied with a darker main color. The primer should be used first and then people can move onto the highlighter and then eventually the application of the main color is done.

Adding Colors

Colors that emphasize your eyes should be selected by people. Contrasting is a good option, but people can also choose to match their eye color and their eyeshadow.

white color to tear duct

For bringing out the brightness of the eyes, a little white color should be applied near the tear duct.


Instead of using vigorous strokes, gentle and soft strokes should be made with your brush. The purpose is to give your eyes a nice coat of color that can be washed off eventually rather than permanently tattooing your eye with makeup. A high quality eye shadow can be chosen by people if they are worried that their eyeshadow will wear off in the day. A high quality one has brighter colors and will last for quite long.

Finishing Touch

Finishing Touch

The eyeshadow shouldn’t be damaged with eyeliner or mascara. A dry cotton swab can be used if it happens and remove the makeup without smudging the eyeshadow.