Balancing Work And Home Life As A Single Parent

Balance Home and Work

Balance Home and Work Balancing work and home life as a single parent has its own challenges and difficulties. Loss of spouse, divorce, adopting a child without getting married or a child born through a live in relationship are circumstances that makes you end up with being a single parent.

A single parent goes through a lot of stress while balancing work and home life. Some useful tips are mentioned below to help you through the challenges of being a single parent.

Balancing Work And Home Life As A Single Parent

Get Family Support

The support of family and friends is very important for a single parent to balance work and family life. Do not hesitate to ask your parents or parents in law to come and stay with you to lend a hand in looking after your home and kids. They may not offer themselves for the fear of being intrusive; you can always make a first move.

Family Support

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Your parents are the best people who will help you selflessly and they will love to spend time with their grand children. You will be able to concentrate on your work without worrying about your home and kids. This will give a boost in your career. If a friend is willing to help you, accept the offer and reciprocate in whatever way you can.

Make A Backup Plan

You must keep a backup plan to deal with problems that might crop up unexpectedly. An emergency like illness or an accident can happen to anyone. Compile a list of your friends’ contact numbers, whom you can call at any time. Feed the numbers in your cell phone and keep a copy handy near your bed side.

Apart of medical reasons, problems can crop up in any form, such as you may get late to pick up your child from school or the baby sitter decides to take the day off without prior notice etc. If you have a backup plan for these kinds of situations, you will be able to deal with the situation without getting panicky.

Take Care Of Your Health

People generally forget about their well being while striking a balance between work and home life. Physical fitness is most important factor that helps you to deal with daily stress and strain. Make healthy living your priority and take time out for regular exercise. If that seems like a task then play outdoor games with your children, skip rope, play baseball or badminton. This will enable you to spend quality time with your kids as well as keep you fit.

Play Outdoor Games

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Generally single parents tend to neglect their diet while worrying about their children’s’ health. Do not be lax about your eating habits; eat a healthy and nutritious diet, avoid junk food and opt for healthy alternatives like salads, soups, fresh fruits,nuts and roasted snacks.

Create A Schedule

You must create a schedule for efficient time management. Plan your day one day ahead to avoid chaos. Plan your next day’s menu the previous day and if possible you can plan a week’s menu in advance. Make the necessary preparation in evening for next day’s breakfast to avoid last minute rush.

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