Baby Care Tips For First Time Mothers

Baby Care Tips For First Time Mothers

Baby Care Tips For First Time Mothers Parenthood is a marvelous experience that truly needs to be cherished by everyone blessed with children. And one of the more joyous (and responsible) parts  of parenthood is fussing over toddlers, feeding them, bathing them, dressing them and playing with them to our heart’s content.

However, as time passes, the pampering and fussing tends to take a back seat as we are sucked into the grueling grind of daily life, work and responsibilities. With erratic work cultures, drastic lifestyles and too many commitments to hold onto, we tend to neglect the basic physical care that we need to give our little ones so that they grow up strong and beautiful in tomorrow’s world.

Hair and Skin Care

And one basic routine that is neglected or ignored as the child grows up is hair and skin care. Remember all those massages we used to give our babies when they were mere infants. And remember all those fussy attempts at making their hair look smooth and shiny. Well, somewhere down the line, we tend to forget these daily routines, thinking they would not be necessary until our kids reach adolescence.

What’s In Store For Your Kid!

It has been noted that many parents tend to skip or completely forgo the hair and skin care routines after their kids cross the toddler stage. This would not be a wise option for parents who need to realize that hair and skin care are two vital factors that need to be given utmost attention throughout an individual’s life.

And the best time to start these processes is when your kid is an infant; continuing it as he/she grows up. It is vital that you start early itself, for several skin and hair problems are known to start at the infant stage and become more problematic with age. Taking care of these issues at the very start would ensure a trouble free childhood for your kid.

Continuing skin and hair care routine as your child grows up would also ensure that he/she learns the importance of these habits and continues them even after he/she crosses the adolescent stage.

Skin Care Routines You Need Yo Continue

Don’t neglect the oil massages after your kid crosses the toddler stage. Rather, continue giving him/her massages every other day. You can opt for any kind of oil in the market, provided your kid is not allergic to it. Mixing a bit of saffron with the oil you use would also be beneficial for your child’s skin.

Oil massages also help you to notice any significant changes in your kid’s body which might act as warning signs. For example, regular massages would help you to notice conditions like patches in the skin, abnormal lumps, wounds or growths that might be a cause for concern.


It is also highly recommended that you do not apply force while massaging your kid. In sharp contrast to claims that vigorous massages would be beneficial for a baby’s health, it has been noted that too much force tend to stretch the skin too much, making it appear wrinkly with time.

Once a week, before giving your baby a bath, opt for a massage with a paste made of fresh fruits and vegetables (leftovers will do). Massage the paste into the skin and keep it on for about 5 minutes before giving him/her a bath.

Alternatively you can opt for another concoction during summers. This would essentially contain milk, honey, curd, gram flour, oat powder and cream, all of which are grinded together to form a paste. Apply the paste over your child’s body about 5 minutes before you give him/her a bath. The paste would have a cooling effect on the skin, keeping it soft and supple even when it is scorching hot outside.


A child’s skin does not need regular exfoliation. And so, you can keep these scrubbing sessions to a minimum, say once in two weeks. So give significant gaps after consecutive massage sessions (with these homemade pastes).

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Giving baths is a must and need to be done on a daily basis. However, during summers, it pays to give your kid two baths on a daily basis. Use a mild soap to clean dirt, grime, sweat; or clogged pores that might be sticking on the surface of the body.

If your child suffers from prickly heat which is actually a very common condition in kids during the summer season, opt for cold water baths. Add a drop of cologne to the water to soothe the itching sensation that develops with prickly heat.


Never opt for adult or synthetic products when you massage or bathe your kid. These products are highly concentrated and contain several chemicals, all of which can have adverse effects on a baby’s tender skin.

Hair Care Tips you need to take note of

Hair oil massages are also considered important for a kid’s overall health (including the hair). Opt for natural products for oil massages, and use a combination of oils if needed for better results. Accordingly, you can opt for warm oil to massage the scalp if your kid suffers from dandruff. Alternatively, you can use a combination of castor oil and coconut oil to increase volume.


As in skin care, never use adult or synthetic products that contain chemicals or other ingredients that can potentially affect your baby’s hair. Again, stop using a product at once if you notice your child developing any kind of allergic reaction after using it.

Don’t comb his/her hair just once in a day and then forget all about it. Make it a practice to comb his/her hair at least twice or thrice a day. Don’t use fine toothed combs that can be painful when removing tangles in the hair. Alternatively, opt for wide toothed combs or detanglers to remove hard knots in the hair.

When combing the hair, it is considered wise to split it into sections and comb each section separately. This would enable you to find out hidden knots beneath the surface. And in case you come across a pretty big knot or tangle while combing, hold that section of the hair firmly near the roots and then remove the knot. This would ensure that there is no breakage of hair and make the entire process less painful for your little one.


Never comb your child’s hair when it is wet. Wet hair is more prone to breakage under pressure and can easily lose its elasticity. Do not use hair dryers unless the occasion calls for it. And when using the same, make sure that you keep the power to a minimum and keep the dryer positioned as far away from the scalp as possible!

As your child starts getting older, opt for hair packs that would help to bring volume and shine to the hair. Accordingly you can opt for natural hair packs that contain ingredients like oil, and henna. Apply the pack to the hair, making sure you cover the individual strands from root to tip. Keep the pack on for about 10 minutes and wash it away with cold water. The duration can be increased depending on the age of your child and his/her susceptibility to the pack.

Hair cuts are vital parts of hair care routines and it is recommended that you opt for regular trims at least once in 2 months to keep hair neat and healthy. Do not cut your child’s hair yourself unless you know what you are doing. It is better to leave these issues to the professionals, don’t you think?