3 Baby Boy Nursery Ideas

Nursery Ideas

Planning a nursery for your little baby boy may seem to be a more difficult task than decorating a nursery for a baby girl, as the choice in colors and décor may be limited.

However, by using your creativity you can make your little boys room as beautiful as you want. Play around with colors and use unique elements to brighten up the room for your new baby.

Baby Boy Nursery Ideas

Opt for a Blue Nursery With Black and White Accents

Blue is always the foremost choice for decorating a little baby boy’s room. However, you can play around with various shades of blue and use other colors along with it to give a whole new dimension to your baby’s room.

Using a white and black combination along with the usual blue is a rather unique idea. Simply paint the nursery in blue and use black and white for the rest of the elements in the nursery.

The couch in the nursery can have white covers with black stripes. You can use bold striped curtains for the door and the windows. The fabrics for the baby’s crib can be in any print of the two colors. You can hang pictures of your baby in black and white and even painted images of cartoons in the same shades.

Build solid wooden closets in the nursery to accommodate all your baby’s things. However you must bear in mind that you cannot go overboard with the black and white combination.

Since it is a baby’s nursery you have to keep the look balanced. Choose furnishings that have more of white and less of black so that the room does not look too dark.

blue theme

Opt for a Beach Themed Nursery for Your Baby

If you believe that blue is the perfect color for your baby boy and yet you want to decorate your nursery creatively then you can opt for a beach themed nursery.

Use a very light pastel blue for the room and keep the rest of the elements in white. The crib can be painted in white and your changing table can be painted in a beautiful chocolate brown color to bring the earthy effect in the room.

You can have fish and star shaped cushions for the couch and the baby’s crib to bring the beachy effect. Use spades, tiny buckets and fish images to decorate the room and emphasize the theme of the nursery. Use pale cream or light blue curtains for an overall effect.

Beach Themed Nursery

Opt for a Brown and Green Nursery

This combination may sound a little unusual, but if you can work it well it will look great. Use a pastel shade of green for an illusion of space in the nursery and team it with a light chocolate brown color.

Go for stripes or polka dots all over your nursery to emphasize the blend of the two shades. The curtains should be light and flowy in white or cream to allow enough light into the nursery.

You can use murals or fun paintings on one wall to draw attention to it. Stock your baby’s knick knacks in small hat boxes of the same shades which you are using around the nursery.

Brown and Green Nursery


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