Baby Art Projects Which Thrill Your Little Wonders

Baby Art Projects Which Thrill Your Little Wonders

Baby Art Projects Which Thrill Your Little Wonders Spending quality and fun time with your child is very important for any parent as it is the best way to bond with your child. Art projects and fun projects are a perfect way not only to give your child his/her much needed family  time but is also a great way to stimulate your child’s imagination and also educate about colors, shapes, sizes and so much more that they don’t know about.

There are endless options for baby art projects depending on the age of your child and these projects will definitely contribute in widening your child’s imagination. Here are some art projects that your child will love making but with a little help from daddy or mommy.

Baby Hand & Footprint Painting

This is one of the most simple art projects, just paint your baby’s palms and feet with different color paints and press them against colored or white sheet of paper, while the baby is in a highchair, being careful to paint one hand or one foot at a time to avoid any mess. It will be even more fun if your child is big enough to walk, just paint the feet and let the child walk over the paper and watch your child create a beautiful painting. Allow the paint to dry, either frame this art or make cards for friends and family for special occasions.

Paper Tearing Collage

Paper tearing is a great way of improving your child’s fine motor skills as it involves a lot of paper tearing using their tiny fingers. Let the child tear different colored papers into bits, now stick these paper bits on another sheet of paper either randomly to create an abstract design or arrange them and stick with glue or sticky tape to make different objects like a flower or a car and so on. Display this work of art for everyone in the house to see and appreciate.

Leaf Art

This is a very interesting way to teach your toddler about trees, their life cycle and effects of different seasons on the trees. While your toddler and you take a walk in the park, encourage him/her to pick some fallen dried leaves of different shapes while you explain as to why the leaves are dry and fall off the trees. Now, on a sheet of bright colored paper arrange these dry leaves and help your child stick them onto the paper. You can make frames or birthday cards using these dried leaves.

Potato Stamps

Take a medium size potato that fits firmly in your child’s hands. Keeping your child at a safe distance, cut the potato width wise into two halves, now draw a shape on the flat side of the potato half with a felt-tip pen and cut off the rest of the potato leaving the shape to make a stamp. Once the potato stamps are ready your child and you can dip these stamps into different water soluble paints and press them on a sheet of paper revealing the colored print of the shape. Do it the fun way singing, dip a circle and stamp a circle or the shape you have carved on the potato. This is a fun way of teaching your child about different shapes.

Fruit Basket

This is a really fun and interactive art project. From different magazines help your child identify different fruits, cut them out and stick each of them to pieces of cardboard to make them sturdier to handle. After you have enough of such fruit cutouts place them into a small basket with a handle that your toddler can easily carry around.

Baby Art Projects Which Thrill Your Little Wonders

When you make a trip to the super market allow your little one to carry this basket and let him/her identify and correlate the different fruit cutouts with the real fruits, you can talk about how each fruit tastes, their shapes and colors and even ask your child to pick a few real fruits for you. This way you can teach your little one about different fruits and also encourage them to eat healthy. The basket can be for vegetables or objects which interest you child.

Light n Shadow

Cut out different shapes such as a star, a car or a flower out of small sheet of cardboard to make small stencils the size of your palm. The shapes should be simple and easy to identify by your toddler. Place the stencils at a distance in front of a lit torch and let the light pass through the stencil on to a blank wall and see your little one be amazed by the shadows that are created, now let your child identify the shape while you talk about that object. Turning off other lights will make the light and shadow effect even more prominent.

Hop a Little Jump a Little

On large sheets of paper draw or stick cutouts from magazines, of various objects which can range from fruits to animals to vehicles or vegetables. Stick these sheets firmly onto the floor with the help of masking tape keeping in mind that all sheets are not too far from each other. Say out loud the name of any object that is on the sheets and let your toddler jump or hop on that sheet of paper, mom and dad too can join the little one. This involves a lot of moving around, jumping, and hopping and is a great family fun time with lots to learn.

Baby Mobile

Let your little one scribble on sheets of white or colored paper with crayons or felt-tip pens. Now make it fun and let your child roll big and small balls out of the scribbled sheets, once done stick a piece of colored thread to each of the paper balls with sticky tape or glue and tie the other end of the thread to a stick keeping some distance from each other. You have a baby mobile ready. This is a perfect art project for children who have or are expecting a baby brother or sister.