Avoid These Simple Mistakes While ‘Parenting A Child’

Avoid These Simple Mistakes While 'Parenting A Child'

Avoid These Simple Mistakes While 'Parenting A Child' Almost all of us harbor dreams of bringing up kids who would be obedient, trustworthy, well mannered and a role model for other kids

And while we tend to do anything and everything possible to achieve the above mentioned goals, sometimes we forget that we might be putting on a tad bit too much pressure on our toddlers who need to learn the way of life at their own sweet pace. And then sometimes, we find out that leaving them be was the wrong thing to do when we find out how hard it is to control them now.

Here are a few less common parenting mistakes that most parents tend to overlook as their kids grow up. Keeping these pointers in mind would help you get the best out of your little one without too much pressure or too much freedom.

Set Realistic Expectations

Each kid is different and has different skills and capabilities. And so expecting him/her to learn everything instantly would not work at all. Every kid would learn to walk, talk, eat, and do other actions at his/her own sweet pace.  Expecting him/her to get everything right at once and at the same time would only leave you with a frustrated mind.

Let’s take for instance the situation wherein your toddler is just starting to learn the basics of using a potty. Mistakes are quite common at first and you cannot expect him/her to take an instant liking to the toilet or start using the same almost immediately after you teach him/her the same.

Pointer No.1

Always set realistic expectations that match with your kids’ development abilities. Don’t expect him/her to walk, talk and do everything perfectly fine just because the kid next door (same age) is doing the same effortlessly.

Trying the Baby Talk

As toddlers grow, they would start talking in their own language. This is actually the natural process for the baby to start listening to, understanding and trying to repeat the words he/she hears on a daily basis.

Some of us actually try to imitate our babies and end up talking to them in their own ‘Baby Language’, which to us is nothing but a few incomprehensible words, terms and sounds. While this may sound like fun, you need to understand that your baby is actually trying to repeat whatever you say. And speaking in a made-up, babyish language would do nothing to enhance their language skills.

Pointer No. 2

Talk to your kids intelligently. Speak slowly and clearly to make sure they understand how you are pronouncing the word you are uttering. Refrain from speaking in ‘baby language’ and stop them from doing the same as they cross toddlerhood.

Interrupting Conversations

This is a very common habit among kids who are fussed and pampered a lot at home. These kids tend to keep on interrupting adult conversations or keep on nagging their parents for something that they want, usually until they finally get it. This would become quite a troublesome issue as your kid grows up.

Pointer No. 3

Sometimes a kid would interrupt a conversation if he/she wants to be the center of attention. And while this is not considered bad, you need to set a few strict guidelines on when your kid can interrupt you and when he/she needs to keep quiet until you finish what you are doing.

Continuing with the same old rules

If your kid does not show any signs of listening to you even after repeated attempts, then most probably you are using the wrong method to relay things to him/her. While some kids can be disciplined with a few treats, some need a few spanks to get going. And then there are some who need to be comforted and cajoled into doing things.

If you keep on spanking your little one with no positive result, then it’s high time you change your method of controlling his/her behavior.

Pointer No. 4

Find out alternate ways to make him/her do something. Once you have found out the method that seems to work with minimum hassles, use the same for most of the instances when you need to train him/her to do something.

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And then sometimes, we find out that leaving them be was the wrong thing to do when we find out how hard it is to control them now.