Attractive Short Hairstyles For Women

Short hairstyles look extremely stylish and are in vogue in recent times. In fact, it has been discovered that there are several advantages of short hairstyles for women. For the modern independent woman, it saves time and is much easier to carry.

Short Hairstyles

Your first impression might be that because the haircut is short, it cannot or need not be styled. But, there are, in fact, a number of plausible and attractive short hairstyles for women.

Why, Where And When of Short Hairstyles

Time Saver

It takes just a few minutes to wash and style short hair. Short hairstyles for women save a lot of time. You can save on a lot of time by sporting short hairstyles as the time spent in maintaining short hairstyles is almost negligible. Moreover, you do not have to frequent the parlor as you would have to if you were sporting a longer hair style.

Personality Highlighter

A short hairstyle for women accentuates you facial features. You can attract a lot of attention with prominent eye-make-ups and funky pieces of jewelry. In fact, you can acquire a whole new positive confidence factor with the lightness of short hair.

Style For all Occasions

One of the best things about short hairstyles for women is that it is suitable for almost any occasion. It renders a smart and professional look for the office, while giving a sexy and sporty look for a vacation or a night out. You can colour it, style it, gel it and do just about everything you always wanted to do with your hair. Short hairstyles for women can be used very flexibly indeed. They can help you look pretty, professional, sexy or sporty – all at the same time.

Ideal Short Hairstyles According to Face-Shapes

If you have a round face, then you can go for a bob cut that will end a little above your jaw line. You might also look good with a few long layers. This particular short hairstyle for women with round faces is a favourite with many. If you have a prominent jaw line, as with most heart-shaped and diamond-shaped faces, you could consider going for a short bob cut that would show off your jaw line. Such short hairstyles for women, also shows off a long neck. Short hairstyles for women endowed with long elegant facial features can come in various styles. A very short cropped or wedge haircut is the latest style. It makes the face look shorter and chic, along with highlighting the neck.

Short Hairstyles According to Face-Shapes

Most Popular and Attractive Short Hairstyles

Hot Bobs

This is the latest hot short hairstyle for women. Most actresses and singers (e.g. Keira Knightly) has sported this hairstyle. The hot bobs of 2011 are messy, a bit tousled but they all end at the chin, with blunt bangs or fringe for an edgy look. Anyone with a nice jawline can wear this style. For a round face, a long bob is better. This hairstyle works best on straight hairs.

Hot Bobs


If you happen to have a high forehead, you can consider having long, side-swept bangs as the ideal short hairstyle for a woman. And if you have natural waves, just let them be. Note that you should stay away from extremely short cuts.


Pixie Cropped Haircut

This is a recent trend in short hairstyles for a woman, which has evolved over a couple of years. To get the appropriate casual chic look, you can opt for the pixie cropped hairstyle. Many celebrities, like Natalie Portman, Emma Watson, Michelle Williams, Isabel Hickman, Mia Farrow, have been known to carry it off with élan.

The latest 2011 short hairstyle for women is the close short crop, in contrast to the longer interpretation of the 2010 style. You can go for spikes or fringes along with this cut, as per your preference. You can sport this style if you have straight hair, though you can also sport this style if you possess thin or thick hair depth variations.

Pixie Cropped Haircut

Pretty Short Style

For special occasions, the short hairstyle for women is extremely preferable. It is very easy to style and there is very little to work on, yet you get just the right chic look. Light layers with the hair pinned behind the ears and the front bangs slightly parted. Other accessories like a headband of white stones or embroidered siphon can help you look gorgeous.

Pretty Short Style

Maintenance of Short Hairstyles

Despite the fact that short hairstyles for women have several advantages, you should consider the condition of your hair before going for a short cut. Additionally, you should also keep in mind that short hairstyles are not for everyone. You should be fully informed about your features before plunging in short cuts. Most short hairstyles for women have a sharp line somewhere. You need to make sure you work to make this line look prominent, because that is going to be the most eye-catching feature of your style. Short hairstyles for women bring out their real, independent selves. Most women like having long hair because that is kind of a hiding consign for her. Hence, you should opt for shorter hairstyles if you want to get a high on your career. Most importantly, you should find yourself a good hairstylist. Few short hairstyles for women are really well-suited for you and your stylist would know that best. For a good hairstylist, you will need to invest a bit more than you usually invest.

Short Hairstyles in the coming year

The pixie crop short hairstyle for women, influenced by the 1970s fashion style is likely to get more evolved through the year 2011. A more even cut could be expected to be seen in the year 2012 and possibly with longer sides, adopting the trademarks of the 60s and the 70s. If the revival of the 70s style culture continues, there is likely to be another evolution. Experts predict that the pixie crop short hairstyle for women is going to make way for a pageboy cut like it did at that time.

You might consult an expert for more details on the exact short hairstyle that will go with your face.