7 Attractive Home Decor Items

Attractive Home Decor Items

A house needs to be decorated to add warmth and beauty to it. Interior decoration is an art. There are innumerable home decor items for you to choose from and transform your house into a home.

Home Decor Items


Lamps are decorative and they serve a purpose too. Lamps are the most useful home decor items that you can place anywhere around the house. There are basically two types of lamps i.e. table lamp and tall lamp.A lamp adds warmth and mystery to the interiors. It can hide many flaws with its focussed light. You can use a lamp to highlight a particular feature like a painting, pictures or a decoration piece. It looks elegant when placed in a corner to spread subdued light around the room. A tall lamp adds height to a small room.Lamps are made of different materials like metal, ceramic, glass and acrylic.Metal lamps are made with bronze, silver, brass and copper. They look good in ethnic interiors.Ceramic, acrylic and glass lamps go well with contemporary style of interiors. They add a touch of class to home decor. Lamp shades are available in fabric, cane and glass etc. and you can add a lot of colour to the interiors by using colourful lamp shades.

Lamps For Home Decor Items


Vases of different shapes and sizes are another home decor item that can be used imaginatively in your home. There is a huge variety of flower vases available in the market. Vases are made of different materials like wood, terracotta, ceramic, porcelain, glass and metal. Terracotta vases and metal vases like brass, bronze and copper, add charm to ethnic style of interiors.Porcelain and cut glass vases add a touch of sophistication in modern interiors.

Vases For Home Decor Items


Dried and fresh flowers enhance the beauty of a house. They bring a bit of nature inside the house and fresh flowers spread a sweet fragrance and freshness in every part of the house. You can place flower arrangements in empty corners to fill them up or you can make a cluster of different flower pots in the centre of the room to create a focal point.These days artificial flowers are available in market in abundance and to suit every pocket.

Flowers For Home Decor Items


Mirrors add charm and space to a room. They are decorative as well as useful home decor items. You can get framed mirrors of various lengths and shapes that can be fixed inside the house to serve different purposes. They can be placed above a fire place, to make a room look bigger or as a Feng Shui item to bring positive energy in the house. Mirrors reflect light so you can use them in small and dark rooms to brighten the area. You may place a mirror in any room to beautify the interiors.

Mirrors For Home Decor Items


Photographs are beautiful mementoes that you always cherish. You can use old photographs and arrange them chronologically to make a collage and hang it in your room. This is a lovely to decorate the room and to relax while watching them in your free time. You make different collages with each family member’s photographs. There is a large variety of photo frames available in the market, made of various materials like metal, glass, Paper Mache, ceramic etc. These photo frames make attractive home decor items it is something that will catch the attention of visitors.

Photographs For Home Decor Items


These days candles are being used in home decor like never before. They have achieved the status of a connoisseurs delight. Candles are not used only when there is no power but are used to create a mood and ambience in the house. Aroma candles are used as room fresheners as well as to spread positive energy in the room. Aroma candles are made by using different types of essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus, cinnamon, lemon etc. You can use candles to decorate your dining table, corner tables or to accent your counter tops. They make great decorative item for relaxation.

Candles For Home Decor Items


Home decor items include countless types of accessories that are used as utility item as well as for decoration.Ashtrays, candle stands and fruit bowls are such home decor items that can be placed as decoration pieces around the house. A cut glass fruit bowl makes an attractive centre piece on the dining table, an ashtray of a unique style and shape looks attractive on a side table.Various types of statues and figurines made up of metal, porcelain, cut glass and stone etc. also make attractive home decor items.

Fruit Bowls For Home Decor Items