At Home Manicure For French Manicure Nails

We work every day with our hands and therefore our hands deserve proper care and tending. Beautiful hands make you feel confident and modern lifestyle demands that along with facial care and beautification we also take care of our whole body.

French Manicure Nails

Well manicured hands speak volumes about your taste and personality while you enjoy flaunting them. French manicure is a very popular kind of manicure that has won the hearts of many women all over the world from the previous century. French beauty treatments have a class of its own and are held in high regard by beauticians and elegant ladies. French manicures can, however, be expensive.

What is Exactly a French Manicure?

A usual manicure involves hand care through massaging with a lotion and beautification of the nails. Hand massage is followed by trimming of nails and cuticle care. Any kind of massage can be relaxing and pampering thereby manicures serve the dual purpose of relaxation and beautification of the hands.

Beautification of the nails

French manicure involves the usual manicure steps and techniques but the nails are given a unique look by creating white tips with a natural looking nail base. Applying nail enamel may accentuate the look. Usually nail clippers are used to shape nails for a manicure and while doing a French manicure a stencil is employed to mark out the nail base and the white tip. French manicure isn’t a very difficult process yet the elegance it carries makes it an expensive affair at salons. This is a very good reason why should learn to do a French manicure at home all by yourself! French manicure at home is made easier by the wide range of kits that are available nowadays in the market according to your personal requirements.

French manicure

At Home Manicure For French Manicure Nails

It is always better to start off by taking care of your hands and nails to make a beautiful finish once you do your French manicure at home. Moisturizing your hands everyday and applying olive oil on your nail cuticles can avoid hang nails. Take calcium supplements if you have problems of nail breaking.

Problems of nail breaking

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You need to have some amount of nail above your nail base to do a French manicure; therefore, grow your nails a bit. Also buy a kit which include base and top coat, neutral polish, white polish and tip guide strips. Begin by cleaning your hands and removing any nail polish from your nails with a remover. You can use cuticle clippers to scrape off any dry rough skin. Shape your nails with a trimmer.

Removing any nail polish

After properly trimming, clipping, filing and shaping your nails apply the coat to the base and top. Let the coats dry after which using the guide strip fixed on the nail base you can apply the while polish on the tip evenly. You can try various combinations of base and tip polish by either remaining adhered to the standard neutral tone for the nail base or by choosing various tones like pink, beige, ecru or tan.

trimming, clipping, filing and shaping your nails