Asian Ideas For Tranquil Home Decor

Asian Ideas For Tranquil Home Decor

Asian Ideas For Tranquil Home Decor There are special kinds of decorations which keep on changing as  geographical regions change but Indian Home Decoration emphasises more on decorating the house in such a way that it gives peace and solace to your heart and soul when you enter your house.

Here are few tips which even you can use to decorate your house in Typical Indian Manner and stay happy and calmness will prevail in your house.

Cool Indian Home Decorations

Every room should be decorated with typical theme of a flower and if you want you can put some fresh flowers or aroma of the flowers matching the theme of the room.

Do not keep to many things on the entrance of your house; otherwise it will block the fresh air and energy entering your house.

Do not keep too many things in your bedroom as it can cause tension. The walls of the house should be painted with light shades and while lighting your house use golden bulbs for positive energy. On the wooden work avoid using blue or green mica. Let the natural colour of the wood be highlighted. Do not get wall to wall carpet in your rooms. Use light furniture, cupboards and selves in the room for positive energy to flow in the rooms.

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The corner of the room where sunlight comes should be transformed into a cool and calm place where you can sit and frame nice ideas for planning new things in your life. Light and soft lighting will give a nice lift to your mood and thus positive energy will prevail in your house.

The floor should have colourful carpets and durries, this will bring positive energy in your room and you will feel happy and optimistic all the time. Bedroom, kitchen and dining rooms should not have television sets, rather the living area is the best place to keep the television set so that the whole family can gather here and talk to each other.

The main entrance of the house should have a welcoming sign, so that the visitors feel the warmth of the house the moment they step in your house.
Use trendy and bright coloured decorative items to decorate your house. This will attract serenity in your house.

 Asian Wall Decor Ideas for Tranquillity

The walls of the room should be decorated with picture frames contain photographs of your family members. Beautiful paintings or antique stuff can also be used for decorating the walls.

Use pictures with line art to decorate the walls of your room and remember the line art should be very clear and the lines should be bold and full of confidence.
Decorate your house walls in red, pink or sky blue colour. These colours will fill your house with positive energy and tranquillity.

The windows of the house should have wind chimes, the beautiful sound of wind chimes brings harmony and assurance in the house. It also keeps negative energy away from the house.

You can also use big mirrors to decorate the walls of the house to attract positivity in the house.

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