Amazing Online Games For Toddlers

online games for toddlers

online games for toddlers You were surely mistaken to think of the internet catering to the needs of teenagers and adults only. Several toddler games here are gaining global recognition.

This provides a substantial opportunity for you to help kids become smarter. These games are immensely funny and hold on the kid’s interest for long.

Online Games For Toddlers

The Big Ball

Nine balls are shown on the screen of different colors and sizes. A kid has to recognize the biggest of all and click on it. On every right selection the ball gets disappeared. The game continues until all balls are disappeared.

Immensely easy, the game involves frequent clicking which provides good practice of using a mouse. Besides, it’s great aptitude building exercise. Several elements such as sound of a fart on a wrong selection add to the fun.

Find The Difference In The Zoo

Two identical looking pictures have significant differences. A kid has to click on every difference he notices and earn candies. Don’t worry, the Giraffe picture won’t scare your kid since it’s more of a cartoon dressed in funny attires and a broad smiling face.

Find The Difference In The Zoo

The game has a new picture of an animal every new time a kid plays it. The game helps a kid know the different animals. Plus, noticing the differences has always enhanced our intellect whenever we played it in newspapers in our childhood.

Fruits And Vegetables

The game appears in form of a fruit market with a vendor selling fruits and vegetables. There are two levels. In first level the kid has to select all the fruits and if promoted to level 2, he will select all the vegetables.

A good practice to understand the basic difference between fruits and vegetables; something classroom teachers have to squeeze their minds to the core in educating the innocent minds about it.

Catch The Butterflies

The game features a lush green field with a number of colorful butterflies flying all around. There is a net controlled by mouse. The kid has to move the net with the mouse and catch a butterfly.

Catch The Butterflies

The task can be done by clicking on the butterfly. The game is stupendous fun with a playful background score and never ending flies appearing on the screen.

Find The Puppies

This one features a long yard that has a number of dogs hiding behind. They are different in sizes, shapes and colors. The featured dogs appear friendly; they don’t pose threatening looks that would scare out your kid. A kid has to select every dog he finds and earn points. Moreover, the cute little puppies in the picture are hard to resist.

Color The Fishes

Perhaps the most creative and engaging games of all. It features an aquarium with water and fishes. The However, they are plane sketches and the kid has to color them with a tool controlled by mouse. The game is far easier and interesting than what it appears.

The kid has to pick his favorite color, drag the mouse on the object and click. The best part here is, it is mandatory to color the water in blue. This will enhance a kids logical understanding of the natural things such as water whose color can’t be changed.