Amazing Natural Cure For Excessive Sweating


sweating Excessive sweating is also called as hyperhidrosis. It can be very uncomfortable and embarrassing condition especially while going outdoors. This is caused without any of the natural triggers, such as the heat or exercise. Some even experience sweating in their palms, feet and armpits.

Also some would experience this as a result of some medications for treatments and some medical conditions. But the most effective way of curbing this situation is to make use of natural cure for excessive sweating which is comprised of the herbs that help to bring down the sweat, natural ingredients at home and some exercise to help you win over this situation.

Natural Cure For Excessive Sweating

Mixture of Red Vinegar & Essential oil

To 4 ounces of red vinegar, mix 30 drops of essential oil in a container and cover it with a lid. Now shake this well and keep aside for a week. This would help the mixture to blend well. Keep shaking the bottle 10 seconds a day and store it away from sunlight and moisture. After a week, add 3 table spoons of this mixture to your bath water. You can also replace other vinegar at home and use this vinegar mixture.

Aromatic Talcum Powder

To half a cup of the ordinary powder, mix 4 tablespoons of sandal wood powder, three drops of lime, sandal and jasmine oil each. Mix well and this is best to eliminate excess sweating in men. And for women, to half a cup of powder base, three tablespoons of dried lavender flower’s powder, three drops of rose, orange and lavender each. Mix well and put the powder in a closed container. Shake every day and set aside for over 5 days. Then apply to the areas of sweating after a shower.

Drink a Concoction of Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda

Apple Cider Vinegar
Take 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar along with 1/8 of baking soda in a shot glass and drink this mixture thrice a day to reduce body odor and excess sweating.

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Herbal Medicine For Excessive Sweating

Use of Sage

Sage is a powerful Mediterranean shrub. It is also an excellent herb to eliminate excessive sweating. This herb is a member of the mint family and has a pungent taste and odor to it. The herb in budding stage is an excellent natural cure for excessive sweating.

Lemon Balm helps a lot

Lemon Balm
This is an herb which features lemon like flavor and is a sedative. This is an excellent herb to cure excess sweating and also offers good relief from the sweat odor.

Do Bridge butt lift

Lie down on the floor with legs and shoulder apart. Place your hands with palm facing down and push your feet on the ground and raise your butt slowly from the floor. Count till 10 and the release.

Do Other exercises: push-ups, reverse lunges etc.

You can try doing squats with or without barbells, reverse lunges, push-ups and crunches. These exercises can be performed whenever you find time. Even spending 10 minutes of your time would help you keep away excess sweating and its cumulative effects are greatly acknowledged worldwide.