3 Amazing Handmade Home Decor Ideas

Amazing Handmade Home Decor Ideas

Some people think that buying a handmade home décor would cost their pockets less and it will be of low quality but this is not at all true as these items are uniquely designed and all work is hand work which sometimes is a costly affair. But it will give a very good item for sure as handmade home décor items are unique and individually designed items that are hard to find in anybody else home and it is based on the creative power. 

Some of the handmade items are less expensive than machine made and are good in quality. In case you want to gift a handmade home décor that always keep in your mind the receiver’s likes and dislikes. You can make some of the handmade home décor items at your own but not all as they need special art and they can be ordered for special groups that are involved in these creative works. Here I will discuss about handmade wall art and handmade cushions.

Handmade Home Decor Ideas

Handmade Wall Art

Handmade Wall Art For Home Decor

One of the best and unique wall art options is handmade kalagas which is a Thai décor wall art. This art is created with the combination of stones, sequins and beads and some type of art is so much time taking that they took years for completion. Original handmade kalagas are made on a cotton velvet and after that they are sealed by filling with a kapok fiber in it to give a three dimensional look to it. Silk is also used in a few art work to enhance the beauty of the wall art. The price depends upon the size and the work involved in the manufacturing of the piece. This type of wall art goes very well with all types of furniture in any room. This type of art is perfect if you love artistic work and give value to the high quality of work done.

Handmade Cushions and Quilts

Handmade Quilts For Home Decor

Handmade cushions are available in different colors with different types of fabric and you can choose any color similar to your curtains or can go for completely new color that will give a new dimension to your room. Multi-colored cushions can also be used.

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Handmade cushions come in different types of styles with different shapes and colors

You can use some handmade cushions in your living, drawing or bedroom without changing any other things like curtains or furniture for your home. These cushions are cost effective and give an amazing look to your bedroom without any expenditure on other accessories. In case you want to give your bedroom a luxurious look then use bright color brocade with a silk fabric that is designed beautifully by ribbon and tassels. One important thing before buying or making handmade cushion is that the cushion cover must be changeable. So go for cushion sixth fold over slip covers, buttons or zips.Handmade quilts are also available that are cozy and warm.The idea to use handmade cushions and quilts is inexpensive when compared to machine made cushions and quilts.

Handmade Cushions Colorful For Home Decor

Other handmade décor items include pillowcases, teak lampshade, handmade candles, vases of different sizes etc..Handmade flowers can also be used for home décor and these flowers are made from cotton, saa paper and reeds of different countries, mostly from Thailand. Some special handmade flowers are available that do not show any type of dust and the petals are flexible so that you can give it a look you want by giving mood.

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