Amazing Coffee Cake Recipe

There is something about coffee cake, especially when it is light and fluffy and extremely scrumptious. Ground coffee has a good strong flavour that is perfect for cakes, if you do not have fresh ground coffee you can also use instant coffee for the recipes.

Amazing Coffee Cake Recipe

Best thing in baking coffee cakes is that, this can be served for any function and occasion. If it is a birthday party the coffee cake can be baked with a butter cream icing, on the contrary if you are having guests for tea, there is no better cake to serve than a lovely flavoured coffee cake.

Serves – 9 people
Preparation time – 25 minutes
Baking time – 40 to 50 minutes

Appliance Required

Baking tin – 1
Mixing bowl – 1
Pan – 1
Hand blender – 1


Butter – 6 tbsp, plus extra for greasing the cake tins
Caster sugar – 2tbsp
Golden syrup – ¾ cup, can be substituted with maple syrup
Plain flour – 2 cups
Baking soda – ½ tsp
Eggs – 2, lightly beaten
Coffee powder – 3 tbsp, infused with 5 tbsp boiled milk

The Icing

Softened butter – ½ cup
Icing sugar – 2 cups, sifted
Shredded coconut – handful, or can use flaked coconut that is toasted


Heat oven @ 160 degree Celsius, lightly butter a cake tin and place a parchment paper. Put the caster sugar and the golden syrup and the butter in a saucepan and stir the mixture with a ladle on heat, until it is completely melted. Sieve the plain flour as well as the bicarbonate of soda into the butter mixture. Add the eggs along with milk that is mixed with 3 tbsp of coffee powder, stir this well and ensure that it is combined.

Place, cake batter, inside the greased cake tin and smooth it to be levelled.  Bake the cake, till it is done, roughly 40 minutes, put in a tooth pick and ensure that there is no batter sticking to the tooth pick. vi. Allow the cake to cool, and remove the parchment paper.

Add The Eggs Along With Milk

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Icing The Cake

To prepare the icing, blend the butter at room temperature, with a hand blender until it is smooth.  Then gently, add the sifted icing sugar plus residual coffee concoction ensure the icing is smooth. Spread the frosting, with a flat- bladed knife, level the icing. Decorate the cake with the toasted coconut. Serve the cake in attractive cake stand.

Note: Coconut and coffee is an excellent combination for a cake this can be munched for an evening snack .To make a coffee coconut cake, substitute ½ cup of desiccated, unsweetened coconut with the flour mixture in the above recipe.


Plain flour – 1 2/2 cups
Unsweetened desiccated coconut – ½ cup (dry coconut)
Alternate frosting recipe
Caster sugar – ½ cup, super fine
Cold water – ¼ cup
Egg yolks – 2
Unsalted butter – ½ cup, softened
Orange liqueur or Cointreau – 1 tbsp


To make the filling, put the sugar into a pan with the water over a low heat until it is dissolved well. Boil it rapidly until it is nice and syrupy. Pour the syrup over the egg yolk and whisk it continuously, until it is thick and mousse like consistency.

Gradually add the butter, then whisk in the orange liqueur. Leave this icing, to cool and thicken. Decorate the coffee cake with this frosting. It is time to display your baking skills to you family, have a tea party and wow everyone.