Types Of Cocktail Recipes To Thrill Your Senses


Cocktails Are you curious to know about the much hyped thrill behind cocktails? Cocktail drinks for sure are one of the most delicious drinks on the planet. If you are into alcohol, you should be equipped with some basic info of cocktail drinks. You can keep in mind certain amazing facts about cocktail before you start preparing a cocktail.

Splendid Cocktails

Cocktail drink is an alcoholic drink that is made by mixing a distilled beverage with other alcoholic and non-alcoholic ingredients. It may contain various types of liquors, fruit juices, sauces, creams, honey or other flavorings. The taste and tang of a cocktail drink depends on the way it is mixed. So, you might get cocktails of the same name, but of different flavors simply because they have been mixed differently. You might get to experience cocktail drinks at an informal cocktail party or a business gathering or even at a bar.

Types of Cocktails

You can choose from a plethora of drinks if you plan to enjoy a nice cocktail. But, for convenience, you could possibly divide them into some broad categories.

Aromatic drinks

These usually contain vermouth, spirit and bitters. Some popular examples are Manhattan, Martini, Negroni etc.


These cocktail drinks are mostly made with liquor, lemon juice and spirit. There can be Whiskey Sours, New Orleans Sours like Margarita and International Sours.


These are layered cocktail drinks that are made by mixing any three types of liquors. Popular examples of these kinds of drinks are Drink Street Pousse Café and Sunset Pousse Café.

Duos and trios

These are the cocktail drinks usually made out of spirit, liquor and cream. Some popular duos are Cognac and Benedictine, French Connection, Brave Bull, Godfather, Green Hornett etc. Among popular trios, we have Cognac Alexander, Apple Martini, Panama, White Russian etc.


These are the ones, belonging to a class of mixed drinks, which contain spirit, wine or beer, mixed with egg and sugar. A few examples are cold/hot rum flip, port wine flip, egg flip et al.


These are the cocktail drinks that are usually offered as chilled drinks in summer. These drinks contain ice-cubes or are partially iced. These also contain fizzy/ carbonated ingredients. Some examples are Planter’s Punch, Carribean Rum Punch, Agua Loca and Hawaiian Punch.


These are the cocktail drinks that contain spirit and soda, cola or juice or just other cocktails with added soda. Some well known highballs are Cuba Libre, the Moscow Mule, Seven and Seven and Jack and Coke.


Shortly called mock cocktails as these are the usual cocktail drinks without the alcohol. These are the perfect drinks if you don’t want to take alcohol, yet have the fervor of a cocktail party.

Most Popular Cocktails

Popular Cocktails

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The most popular cocktails that are consumed worldwide are:


Made with very basic ingredients, this is Cuba’s most famous cocktail drink. This is an amazing drink and works as a fabulous refresher.

Apple Martini

A general feedback about these high-in-demand cocktails is that they are the tastiest of all cocktail drinks. In fact, there are very few people who can refuse a well mixed Apple Martini.


A fabulous cocktail classic, it is suitable both for the sophisticated and the casual drinker.

Mint Julep

Mint Julep is an excellent cocktail drink and can be enjoyed in every mood. You can even try making this one on your own. It contains some very basic ingredients and has been one of the favourites among cocktail connoisseurs.

Long Island Iced Tea

If you’re looking for something that will get you in the mood of beats, then long island iced tea is just the choice for you. You can chill off with this cocktail on a vacation on the beach or just a summer party with pals.

Mexican 77

A Mexican version of French 75, it’s a great drink that leaves behind a lovely tang. It is also very easy to make. The cocktail drink tastes great if you have it with smoked salmon.

Finding the Best Cocktails

San Francisco

The bars of San Francisco have a combination of both the European and the American flairs in their cocktail drinks. This has added to their unbeatable expertise in the art of mixing drinks, making San Francisco the best cocktail capital of the globe for many.


The license for liquor in Melbourne can be acquired more easily than in Sydney. This has led to the opening of some extraordinary bars in this city, making Melbourne the Numero Uno capital in antipodeans’ cocktail drinks.


Chicago is one of the pioneer cities in the art of cocktail-making. The Chi-Town’s ties to cocktail drinks go back to the days of Prohibition and beyond. But, these days you are more likely to find molecular cocktail-making rather than bathtub-gin. One good place to go is the Violet Hour, 1520 N. Damen Ave.


Paris is thriving with some excellent and exotic bars, manned by some of the best cocktail mixers of the world. They are making their mark in ever-evolving innovations in cocktail drinks. One good place that experts recommend is the Experimental Cocktail Club, 37 Rue Saint-Sauveur.


This English capital is undergoing a revolution in the art of mixing cocktail drinks. Almost every day, it has plush new bars opening up, with first rate quality of mixed drinks. Whether you go to the grand old Mayfair hotel bars or to the hippest bars in Shoreditch, you’ll find great cocktails in the world’s greatest multicultural city.


Asia isn’t far behind. China is catching up with some of the top cocktail capitals on the cocktail act. In this amazing city, you’ll find some of the best mixes of the world of first rate quality and fervor. An instance is the Glamour Bar, 6/F, 5 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu.

General Tips

The drink should be made of good quality, high-proof liquors; should be appetite-inspirer, not otherwise; smooth and pleasing to taste; and well-iced. That’s roughly all you need to know about cocktails before you start making cocktails.

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