AIDS A Dreadful Walk-In In Your Life

AIDS A Dreadful Walk-In In Your Life

AIDS A Dreadful Walk-In In Your Life AIDS is one of the dreadful diseases that slowly and steadily kill person suffering from it. It not only kills the patient physically but also mentally.

The person suffering from AIDS have to lose each and every thing that he /she had acquired in the society leaving him/her lonely to die with their sufferings. It is very drastic to suffer from AIDS, as no one is interested in staying with the patient. AIDS has its worst effects on women and children as they are considered a weak part in the society.

Impact Of AIDS On Person Can Be Higher Than AIDS Itself

Internal Impact

The first stage of the person affecting from AIDS is internally, as these viruses start multiplying itself inside the body of the person suffering from human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Since this virus cannot replicate them they survive on host cells and spread it through the bloodstream. HIV most likely target the T cell present in the body as this cell helps the body to fight against disease so that the person is cured as early as possible from illness by increasing the immunity to fight disease.

Physical Impact

Next stage that has affects the person due to AIDS is the Physical body. The immune system gets damaged due to HIV as it attacks the T cell that is needed by the body to fight various diseases and recover from the illness. As the immune loses its function other opportunistic diseases like pneumonia, tuberculosis (TB), hepatitis C and some of the cancer take advantage of HIV and infect the patient. With such opportunistic diseases having control over the body of person suffering from HIV or AIDS, it kills the person.

Financial Impact

The main damage done due to AIDS is financially as the person suffering from HIV/AIDS has to try hard to earn for his bread and butter. The person becomes very ill to work and earn to feed his family members. The medication for this disease is very costly and out of reach for poor patients. Sometimes some of the patient has to suffer due to unavailability of medicines in their country or area leaving them to die.

AIDS A Dreadful Walk-In In Your Life

The HIV/AIDS person also suffers from other dreadful disease leaving no money to purchase the medicines for such disease. Some of the government hospitals and NGO’s offer medicine for this disease but for shorter duration, which is not, enough for the patient to get completely cure.

Social Impact

AIDS affects the person socially as there are several myths and misunderstanding among the society that it is contagious disease and the person coming in any kind of contact with the patient has high chance of getting AIDS.  This happens due to lack of knowledge regarding the ways by which a person gets AIDS.

A person living in the community and society shy to speak with the infected person, as there is myth that AIDS is a gay or homosexual disease. Due to these misunderstanding and myths patients have to quite their job, stay away from family members and friends, starve for food, have to stay lonely which ultimately makes them depressed.

Children suffering from AIDS and affected by AIDS have to starve for their basic needs like education, food, shelter, medicine, health and well-being. Children’s having HIV/AIDS are ill-treated by their family members, friends, teachers and relatives causing depression and anxiety among them.

Not only children having AIDS suffer but those who are orphaned due to AIDS also have hard time to live safely and securely. They are deprived of parenthood, education, shelter and food. These children go through depression, abuse and anxiety causing mental imbalance among them, which may lead to criminal activity. These children are treated rudely in orphanage, or foster homes. They are deprived of proper food, shelter and schooling.

Ratio of women is more towards AIDS infection. The result shows that HIV infects more women than men and those women ranging from age of 15-24. Women’s tend to high risk of AIDS biologically with unprotected heterosexual intercourse with the infected partner. Women are deprived of education to take care of the AIDS patient in the family.

With the lack of knowledge and education the risk of HIV among women increases. It is necessary that women’s and girl be educated to reduce the risk of HIV/AIDS. Taking this into consideration governments of the country is implementing no fees for the primary education to attract as many as girl child to take free education so that they are well educated about HIV/AIDS and consequences of it.