Acne Skin Care During Pregnancy

Acne Skin Care During Pregnancy

Acne Skin Care During Pregnancy Nothing can be more distressing for a pregnant woman than the sudden breakout of acne. This can happen even if she had a clear skin for a good length of time. However, it is to be kept in mind that these sudden changes in the skin are very common during the period of pregnancy.

The primary causes of acne during pregnancy are said to be massive fluctuations in hormone levels. In fact, there have been reported cases of severe acne between 3rd to 6th months of pregnancy. Women who have clear skin will find that the acne disappears after the delivery. However, the condition might continue if the mother is breastfeeding.

Treating Your Acne

In order to keep the skin in a healthy condition, you just need to follow a basic skin care routine. Dove is a very good cleanser and you can use it to cleanse your face every morning and night. Neutrogena is another good brand which has received good reviews. You can bypass the different toners that are available in the market as they have a tendency to cause skin irritation.

The skin becomes a bit sensitive when you are pregnant and hence you must choose skin care products that are known to be mild on skin. A light moisturizing cream should always be in your bag. But choose only those creams which are fragrance free.

If the problem with the acne persists or if there is a sudden worsening of your condition, then you must seek immediate medical advice for acne treatment. But the kind of treatment that you choose should not interfere with the good health of the baby. There are some treatments which have been deemed safe for the babies and there are some which are quite dangerous for the little ones.

Safe Treatments & Treatments to Avoid

You should not buy any over-the-counter medications without consulting your doctor. But there are some acne treatments, namely, Erythromycin and Salicyclic Acid which are considered universally safe.

Acne Skin Care During Pregnancy

But there certain treatments which can harm a fetus and therefore should not be carried out during the course of pregnancy. There are certain medications like Accutane which can seriously harm the baby in the womb. The chances of miscarriage also increases manifold.

The most popular treatment for acne is topical retinoids. But it is best to avoid this during pregnancy. There are two more drugs which are often prescribed by the doctors i.e Tretenoin and Tazarotene. It is advised that you should avoid these drugs during pregnancy although there are no concrete reports which suggest that these can harm the fetus during pregnancy.

There are many instances where the doctors can prescribe antibiotics to clear the skin of any acne. These antibiotics can be topical or oral in nature. Though a few of these are safe for use during pregnancy, you must stay clear of some others like oral tetracycline and doxycycline. There is little doubt that these two can harm the teeth of the fetus on a permanent basis.

The OTC topical treatments are considered safe for pregnant mothers. The most common ingredient in these topical drugs is Benzoyl peroxide. This ingredient is considered safe for expecting mothers. However, a consultation with the doctor is always recommended.