A Useful Guide To Help You In Preventing STDs

Preventing STDs

Preventing STDs Prevention is better than cure may seem to be a cliché, but it is most appropriate when it comes to dealing withdifferent types of STDs or Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Most of these diseases, once contacted take a long time to get cured and in some cases they are totally incurable. AIDS is a well known life threatening sexually transmitted disease. Most of the female infertility cases reported in US are due to STDs.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases can be contacted out of negligence or ignorance. Utter carelessness and lack of knowledge are prime reasons for contacting Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). Apart from social embarrassment, STDs can butcher the life of an individual and should not be left untreated.People of all age, coming from different socio-economic backgrounds can be affected by STDs. It is totally a wrong notion that people from poor economic background are the main victims of these diseases. The silver lining of STDs is that they can be easily prevented.

Dangerous side of STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection)

The most negative aspect of STIs is that they spread very fast through an intimate skin contact with an infected person Skin contact with a person suffering from genital warts or genital herpes can spread the infection to other persons. Many people being ignorant of their own STIs can pass the infection to another person unknowingly. STIs can spread not only through vaginal intercourse but also through anal and oral sex, kissing and sharing drug needles of an infected person. These spread through blood, vaginal fluid, semen or oral sores of an infected person. Pregnant women can also pass STIs to the fetus before or after birth.

STDs are caused by bacterial and viral infections. Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, syphilis and trichomoniasis are caused due to bacteria and can be cured through antibiotics. Presently, Gonorrhea is showing some resistance to antibiotic treatments. HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) infection and HIV AIDS are caused by virus and cannot be fully cured. The virus remains dormant in the human system and on favorable conditions the symptoms recur.

STDs damage the cervix and is the prime cause of female infertility in US. Researches reveal that some strains of HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) are responsible for cervical cancer.

Diagnosis of STDs

Many STDS are without any significant symptoms, and if there are any they may resemble those of other common infections entirely misguiding the prognosis.

Commonly observed symptoms are appearance of warts on the penis and vaginal area followed by itching and inflammation. Oral sores and burning sensation while passing urine accompanied by mild fever are other common symptoms of STDs. Women may experience vaginal bleeding other than menstrual periods.

Useful tips to help in preventing STDs

Abstinence from sex

Abstinence from sex is the best way to prevent contacting STDs. You can carry out romantic relations through fondling, caressing and massaging without touching the genitals of your partner. Kissing can also be permitted provided your partner does not have any oral sores.

Limit your sexual partners

Having a number of sexual partners is another leading cause of contacting STIs. Countries practicing polygamy have higher incidence of STDs. Restrict your sexual activity within a limited number of partners to keep yourself away from the STDs. Youngsters, especially go overboard in sexual activities ultimately contacting incurable STDs. It is perhaps best to have a single sexual partner.

Practice safe sex and use condoms

A condom prevents the mixing of vaginal and seminal fluids. Though, the condom cannot guarantee 100% safety from STDs, it can reduce the risk to a great extent.Use dental dams made of latex in case you indulge in oral sex. Those allergic to latex condoms or dental dams can try polyurethane materials.

Be communicative with your partner

Communication can break all physical and mental barriers. Always have a free and frank chat with your partner regarding safe sex and STDs and encourage him or her to maintain a single partner. Try different positions and postures to bring back excitement in your relationship and this will discourage both the partners from seeking sex elsewhere.

Go for regular STD tests

If you are very much sexually active, go for compulsory STD tests and also encourage your partners to follow suit Take the initiative and discuss about the positive aspects of STD tests in order to secure your health. This will help all of you in preventing STDs. It is recommended to get the tests done before getting into a new sexual relationship.

Refrain from drinking and using drugs before having sex

Enjoy sex according to your choice and always check that you do not get influenced by alcohol or narcotics while picking up your sex partner. Stick to your principles while you go out for drinking. Drugs and alcohol override your logical senses and push you to take wrong decisions.

Refuse strictly if not interested

Most of us enjoy sex, and everybody has its own likes and dislikes regarding it. It will be utterly a foolish thing to get into sexual activity out of persuasion or some emotional interaction. Enjoy sex with a clear mind and with the right person and not out of persuasion.

Protecting yourself is your own responsibility

Always keep yourself aware of the possible consequences of practicing unsafe sex or enjoying it with the wrong person at a wrong place. It is your moral responsibility to maintain your self defense against all sorts of temptations and provocations.Keep enough stock of contraceptives if you plan to enjoy sex with somebody.  Be logical and sensible in your acts and decisions as you will only have to bear the brunt of any undesirable outcome.

Do not be obsessed with sex

Sexual obsession often leads a person to adopt wrong and unhealthy practices. Fantasizing about sex is good as long as it does not overrule your brains. Engage your mind to some creative activities and hobbies to get out of this obsession. Occasional sexual enjoyment is necessary, and that seldom causes any harm provided you practice safe sex. Masturbation is a better option than having sex with anybody.

Listen to your brains

Don’t let your heart drive you always. Think what is right and wrong for you before taking a decision. Brain is the arousal center, but it also acts as the guide to help you in making right choices as and when required.

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