A Simple And Inexpensive Mini Self Watering Plant Pot

The main advantage of self watering system for the plants is you do not have to worry about your plants getting dried up when you forget to water them on a daily basis. And also on days when you are out of house, self watering system will take care of your plants providing optimum amount of water. This is about self watering system for an outdoor garden with considerable large area. But how will you manage your indoor plants? You could of course opt for expensive self watering systems with advanced technologies available in the market. But for a handful number of your indoor plants this option doesn’t seem feasible. Well, you will be amazed to see how cheap and easily you can make self watering pots for plants at home. Here is this amazing video showing you how to build one using plastic container. So now you can make your indoors more greener by planting more number of plants in these self watering pots!