A Complete Bedroom Makeover Guide


A Complete Bedroom Makeover Guide

Are you bored of the way your bedroom looks, or are you planning to turn an extra bedroom into a beautiful guest room? You can turn a bleak looking bedroom into a stylish and chic looking space by using some creativity. A bedroom is after all an important space of your house that reflects your style and preference, and you can design it the way you want to get the most comfortable feeling as you spend your time relaxing in it.

So, if you have decided it’s high time your bedroom requires a complete makeover, the tips given here will serve as a guide that will help you turn your bedroom into a dreamy space.

Tips For Complete Bedroom Makeover Guide

Get Rid Of Clutter

The first thing you should do when you embark on your bedroom makeover plan is to get rid of extra things that are cluttering up and occupying extra space. Get some stylish storage cabinets to store away things that are lying here and there, and which you don’t need often.

Lighting Lamps On The Walls

Decide if you really need the television set in the bedroom as it can hinder your sleep. Hang some trendy lighting lamps on the walls to get a subdued effect and enjoy relaxing in the clutter free bedroom.

Paint The Walls Or Get Wallpaper

The easiest way to give a complete makeover to a bedroom is to either paint the walls in new shades, or choose a trendy wallpaper. Select a shade for the bedroom walls that is pleasing to the eye so that it will help you relax and sleep well.

Paint The Walls

Floral or other well-designed wallpapers can be used on certain walls to add an extra effect. You can also use a little of this wallpaper on your dresser as well to add that extra creative touch.

Changes In Furniture

It’s very easy to give a bedroom a makeover just by shifting furniture in a different way. Just a slight shift can help give new life to the room. So, place the beds in a different position and move the dresser in a corner. Consider getting a stylish new dresser to add a dramatic look to the bedroom.

Dresser In A Corner

You can also consider replacing some of the old furniture that is no more trendy, or get new upholstery or painting work done. A well mounted headboard can be added to the bed to make it look trendy.

Get New Carpeting And  Rugs

Your bedroom will look warm and inviting if you get it completely carpeted. Choose a carpet in a neutral shades as it looks very comforting.

New Carpeting

You can place soft rugs in warm colors at different places to get the right effect. The new carpeting and rugs will help you immensely with your bedroom makeover plans at quite a limited budget as well.

Greenery For Your Bedroom

Beautiful houseplants can be placed at strategic locations in your bedroom to give it an easy and affordable makeover. Visit a nursery and choose the houseplants that will be best for your use and which you can maintain easily.

Greenery For Your Bedroom

You can choose from ferns, succulents, flowering and other plants that will go well with your decor and need. These can be placed in a corner, or even hung around to get a dramatic effect.

Window Treatments

A bedroom makeover is incomplete without proper treatment of the windows. Get the panels trimmed and add colors. White window panels also look elegant. Add some panache to your bedroom windows by getting some trendy curtains in the color scheme of the room. You can go for bold colors, floral prints or use solid prints with a pattern.

Window Treatments