A Chinese Version Of Scallion Pancake Recipe

It may be the umpteenth time that you are reading an article about pancake: a flat, griddle-cooked, round bread made with fermented batter or flour, stuffed with copious types of fillings and garnished with savoury creams and sauces.

Those who have allowed their taste buds to bathe in culinary delights from different parts of the world know it well that pancake exists in plentiful forms and names: crepes, Breton galette, Kaiserschmarrn, Pfannkuchen, Jonnycake, pikelets are all its kiths and kins. What we are going to take up in this article is salty Chinese pancake made with a filling of scallions (green onions).

Be Ready With The Following

1½-2 cups all-purpose flour
A cup of green onions
3 tsps vegetable oil (sesame oil will do)
A cup of water
Salt to taste

For Garnishing

A tsp soy sauce/ any other dipping sauce

That Is How You Make The Pancake


Sift two cups of flour in a big bowl. Initiate the kneading by pouring lukewarm water over it. Do it slowly and steadily so that the flour gathers into a firm mass. Add a teaspoonful of cooking oil too. Remove the kneaded flour from the bowl and shift it over a clean flat surface.

Continue kneading till the mass is elastic enough to be rolled down. To make your life easier, you can also mould the flour in a food processor. Shift back the dough into the bowl and set it aside for about half an hour. Before doing so, keep it covered with a moist piece of cloth.

Rolling, Rolling and Rolling

Now that the flour is ready, you can begin the rolling part. Take a chunk of the dough and give it the shape of a ball. Sprinkle some vegetable oil over it with a pastry brush and roll it out on a floured surface by means of a rolling pin.

Photo Credit: userealbutter.com

Roll to make the disc with an approximate diameter of 5 inches. Pick the disc from one end and roll it up to form a cylinder-like shape.  Grab one edge of the cylindrical dough and roll it into a neat spiral (coiled) shape. Now, roll out this coil again on the floured surface and circle out a disc of about 8 inch diameter.

Stuff  With Scallions And Roll Again

Brush the disc with oil and sprinkle some chopped scallions all over it. Roll up again to form a cylinder (do it carefully lest the scallions pierce through the dough and come out). As done in the previous step, make a coil of it. Roll out for one last time to make an eight inch disc.

Fry It Now

In a skillet, heat some cooking oil. As it becomes hot enough, gently place the rolled disc into it. Let it fry for a minute or so. With a wooden spatula, turn it over and cook the other side till it acquires a golden brown tint.

When you are done, remove the pancake from the skillet and place it over a paper towel to drain off the excess oil. Prepare other pancakes likewise. Dust salt over them and divide each one of them into quads. Serve with the soy sauce.

Photo Credit: browneyedbaker.com