A Brief Note On The Causes Of High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure In simple and plain words, a stage in which a person has an unnatural high pressure which is above the normal pressure is known as high blood pressure. It’s a kind of a disorder in the pressure which causes a lot of health issues leading to a lot of complications if the situation is not checked and rectified.

There are many ways to check and control the above said problem. Before even waiting to check the problem we need to know what leads to it so that we can avoid it from the start.

Causes Of High Blood Pressure

The cause of this situation has no particular reason but many things together leads to it. Smoking, drinking in excess and excess intake of salt with food is some of the things leading to the situation of high blood pressure. All of this leads to this disorder and causes a lot of problems. The heart is over worked in this situation which has a very critical influence to a human being. This disorder can be stopped with taking proper precaution and care and trying to lessen the above said reasons for the cause of this disorder.

Smoking Playing The Part For Causing The Problem

Even though smoking is not the reason for causing the problem of high blood pressure but it plays a part in it. It alone cannot be termed as the reason for the disorder but has a certain percent in the problem.


It does not cause the problem but can for a while raise the pressure. It has an indirect effect. It causes an increase in the pressure level. Though it directly does not cause the problem but plays a part in adding to it.

Related Disease’s Give A Hand To The Problem In View

If you suffer for other diseases like kidney or tumors and problem with gland secretion then this can lead to raising the level of the problem. Pregnancy pills and others pills and medicines that have an adverse influence on the blood vessels add to the above mention problem of high blood pressure. In the list of diseases acting as a boost for high blood pressure, the disease related to the kidney is on the top of it all.

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High Blood Pressure Acting On The Age

No certain clue as to why age comes into play with this problem but it is known that with age the arteries of an old human tends to stiffen resulting in high blood pressure. With old age comes a lot of unwanted problems and high blood pressure is one of them. The problems with the heart at this stage of growth acts and gives problem of high blood pressure.

The Problem Caused By Obesity Adding On

The state of obesity is a big problem creator for high blood pressure. Being fat and having an abnormal weight is bad. To provide food and other necessary vitamins to all the parts of the body is a huge task and with obesity the heart has to over work itself to reach all the parts of the human body. This state is crucial and adds to the problem of the high blood pressure.


The causes of a disorder in the level of blood pressure leading to high blood pressure cannot be directly pointed out but the problems which are common for the disorder can be found. This disorder is caused by many things such as being overweight, which is obesity; running in the family, genetics etc, and the list can go on and on. This disorder has a very critical effect on a human being and the causes should be properly understood.