A Beneficial Diet For Pancreatitis

Diet For Pancreatitis

Diet For Pancreatitis Pancreatitis is a medical condition where the pancreas gets inflamed and irritated. The causes for this condition are numerous. Smoking and drinking excessive alcohol will directly irritate several organs in your body including pancreas.

Other causes for pancreatitis could be due to development of gallstones or gall bladder diseases in the body. If you have a family history of pancreatitis, you would be easily susceptible.

Since pancreas is responsible for the production of several enzymes and hormones (like insulin), an inflammation would lead to interference in the functioning and production of such substances in the body. This would automatically interfere with the body’s metabolic functioning leading to several metabolic disorders.

The condition can be chronic or acute. In the latter scenario, the disease occurs suddenly and is extremely severe in nature. If it is chronic, the disease condition develops slowly and is more difficult to diagnose.

Symptoms of Pancreatitis

Shortness of breath, excessive sweating coupled with a very high body temperature could lead to frequent episodes of fever. Other symptoms include increased heart rate and palpitations.

Diet for Pancreatitis

You need not bring a drastic change in your dietary habits if you have been diagnosed with pancreatitis. Remember to bring slow and steady changes that will help you stick with the diet for a long period of time.


It is highly important for you to keep your body hydrated all the time. Since people suffering from pancreatitis are easily susceptible to dehydrations, never forget to carry a water bottle wherever you go.

drink water

Secondly, do not wait for your body to get complete dehydrated and thirsty before gulping a glass of water. Drink water constantly even if you are not thirsty to cope with the disease condition in a better manner.

Cut Down on Red Meat

Being extremely high in fats, red meat can aggravate the inflammation by placing extra burden on your pancreas to secrete fatty enzymes for metabolic processes.

Cut Down on Red Meat

Therefore, do not overload your pancreas and cause further aggravation. Eat low fat meat like fish, chicken or lean meat to pump your body with protein sources. These are not very high in fat unlike red meat or organ meat.

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Regular Meals

Always remember to eat five to six small meals at frequent intervals rather than eating three large meals at once. This will place a lesser burden on the pancreas, helping it secrete enzymes at a slow and steady pace.

Regular Meals

Consuming large meals will force your pancreas to overwork and secrete large amounts of enzymes, in turn aggravating the inflammation. Therefore, do not overburden your pancreas with heavy meals.

Cut Down on Caffeine

Caffeinated products like coffee will stimulate and irritate your pancreas. Therefore, cut down on your caffeine drinking habits and instead replace the same with nutritious fruit juices.

Cut Down on Caffeine

The latter will provide your body with crucial vitamins and minerals. These will accelerate the healing process.


Go for yogurt that is rich in probiotics. The latter improve digestion and also aid in healing, helping your pancreas attain its health and vigor at a much faster rate.


However, make sure the yogurt is not made from high fat milk. The latter will aggravate the condition.

Remember to keep the aforementioned tips in mind while planning your meal for a faster recovery.