9 Types Of Height Increasing Shoes

Types Of Height Increasing Shoes

Physical stature often plays a crucial role in determining a person’s self confidence and how other people see or treat that person. For those, who are not self satisfactorily tall, they often rely on different kind of height increasing shoes to achieve their desired height. Although this kind of shoe markets are mostly dominated by varieties of woman oriented shoes, men also have their own share of ranges. The women range include:

Here Are Types Of Height Increasing Shoes


These are shoes with heels that are thick, square and solid blocked with with moderately high length of two inches.

puppy shoes


These are short, slim heel shoes with heels of one and half to two inches in length and ground diameter of less than half an inch. These shoes also have a slight dip at the heel resting rear end of the shoe.

kitten shoes


As the name suggests, these shoe heels are typically cone shaped with pointed round base at the bottom ground level and broader end at the sole.

cone shoes


Wedge shoe heels are usually made up of a common piece of leather or rubber that makes up both the sole and the heel. Unlike the other variety of high heel shoes which are named after their heels, these are named after their wedge shaped soles that are usually broader at the heels and tapering in the front.

wedge shoes


These shoe heels are triangle shaped with flat ends with anterior and posterior end of the sole being tapered and the middle part of the sole being designed to be relatively broader for foot rest.


Spool Or Louis

These shoe heels are typically characterized by their typical hourglass type looks that are relatively broad near the sole and at the ground level but are narrow and pointy in the middle.

spool shoes


These are thin, long heel shoes often one to ten inches or more in height and with ground diameter of less than half an inch. It is often regarded as the most popular high heel shoes among models.



These are a variety of stilettos that share almost all the features with an addition that the sole at the anterior end provides a lift of about eight to nine inches along with the heel itself. Platform heels are very comfortable to wear and carry.


Elevator Shoes For Men

Elevator shoes are designed specifically for men with short stature. It is made by incorporating a height increasing insole in the heel of an otherwise usual looking men’s shoe. The soles of the shoes are usually a little thicker that gives the men wearing them that little bit extra in height.

elevator shoes for men

Whether it be a male or female, apart from confidence itself, height often plays pivotal role in shaping up a person’s professional career as well. For men, whether it be choosing a particular career like navy or army or improving the sole appearance for becoming a sales/marketing personnel, or simply appearing attractive to women, greater height always gives taller men that competitive edge over others in the crowd. Same thing also goes for females too. Whether be it for a model or an HR manager, tall height has always been a universal desire. For it when nature calls it a quit from biological age perspective, technology steps in to fulfill this eternal desire of attaining a greater height.