9 Tips To Prevent Breast Cancer With Nutrition

9 Tips To Prevent Breast Cancer With Nutrition

9 Tips To Prevent Breast Cancer With Nutrition Many women are suffering from breast cancer nowadays. There are many ways to prevent breast cancer and nutrition is one of them. By making certain changes to your diet, you can protect yourself from breast cancer.

Maintain a healthy weight

If you eat well and maintain your weight then you will be able to reduce your chance of getting breast cancer. Women who are obese have high risk of breast cancer. This is so because the levels of estrogen in the body rise when a woman gains excess weight. Studies have shown that high levels of estrogen are responsible for the development of breast cancer in women.

Exercise regularly

You should set up an exercise schedule and stick to it. Exercise is not only good for your body but it is also good for your mind. It keeps your mind active and healthy and keeps you fresh throughout the day.

Minimize Intake of Foods Rich in Fats

You should try to reduce intake of foods rich in fats as consumption of fats increases the risk of breast cancer. If possible, avoid eating high fat dairy products and marbled meats as these foods are rich in saturated fats which may increase your chances of developing breast cancer.

Eat Fruits and Vegetables Daily

You should include vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, and brussels sprouts in your diet. If possible, eat different colored fruits like apple, banana, citrus fruits etc. Yellow and red fruits are rich in beta carotene and lycopene. You can also take tea or coffee as these beverages contain antioxidant polyphenols which reduce the risk of cancer. You should also add carrots, sweet potatoes, mangoes, pepper and papaya to your diet.

Reduce your Alcohol Intake

If you are an alcoholic then you should stop drinking alcohol because consumption of alcohol increases your prevent breast cancer. When you consume alcohol, the levels of estrogen in your body rise and your body’s ability to use folic acid which helps in preventing cancer is reduced.

Do Not eat Meats Cooked at High Temperatures

When you cook meat at high temperatures, chemicals known as heterocyclic amines are produced which have been found to cause certain cancers. You can roast, bake, poach or stew your meat as this will produce less heterocyclic amines. It would be better for you if you stop eating red meat.


Phytoesterogens are plant derived compounds that are present in surplus in tofu, soybeans and soy milk. You can include soy products in your diet as these foods help to prevent breast cancer. Isoflavones are one of the groups of phytoestrogens that are present in large quantities in soy products.

Eat Curcumin

Studies have shown that curcumin contains anti-tumor compounds that provide protection against breast cancer.

Vitamin D

You should eat foods that are rich in vitamin D because if you have vitamin D deficiency then you may become prone not only to breast cancer but also to other types of cancer. You can include foods like cheeses, yogurt and fortified milk in your diet. You can also take multivitamin tablets daily after consulting your doctor.