9 Tips To Minimize Back Pain During Pregnancy

9 Tips To Minimize Back Pain During Pregnancy

9 Tips To Minimize Back Pain During Pregnancy Back pain is one of the common downside of pregnancy. It arises due to the weight of you growing baby and also because extra weight is shifting its center of gravity. Another reason for back pain is Urinary tract infection (UTI), which is found in most of pregnant women.

If you are not copping with this, you are lucky one, if you are too experiencing back pain like 80% of pregnant women, have heart you can prevent and minimize back pain to make your pregnancy healthy, by fallowing some simple and effective tips.

Wear Good Shoes

Wear comfortable footwear to support your unbalanced body, avoid wearing too high heeled shoes. Generally it is considered, a pregnant woman should wear flat shoe; that are best for her, however this is a misconception, you should choose shoes with half of inch heels, which will give proper height to make walking easier during pregnancy. If you are flat footed woman, use shoe having arch support. During pregnancy if you are having difficulties in walking, these will surly cause back pains. Wearing sensible shoe minimizes difficulties in walking and thus will minimize back pain.

Maintain Good Posture

Maintaining you body posture values a lot for minimizing back pain. During pregnancy you feel, your body is tired and heavy due to the weight of baby, when you are extreme tried you usually feel to slump as a way which provides you temporary relief from this tiredness but it may cause back pain in you, therefore avoid slumping. Try to maintain good posture when you are standing or sitting, which will help to strengthen your back. Try to transfer your weight on such part of body that can support that weight without arising back pains, these parts are legs, the spin and the upper back. Avoid standing for long in a same position, while you are pregnant.

Have Back Support

Always provide support to your back while sitting during pregnancy. You should place a pillow under your back, while you are sitting, support your lower back by using an adjustable footrest when you are sitting on chair. If you are a working woman, specially support your back well, as you have to site in the major part of the day.

Avoid Bending Waist For Lifting

Be careful while lifting an object, bend your knees instead of bending back, and try to keep your back straight as much as you can.

Use Maternity Support Belt

Maternity belt is also helpful to support your tired back and heavy abdomen, it take your back stress off by keeping it a bit weightless.

Pamper Yourself

There are many things to try, which can be supportive to minimize your back pain while you are pregnant, consider having a smooth paternal massage, have warm soak in a tub, and keep hoot water bottle or heating pads on your paining back, to help you to release tension and stress to minimize back pain while you are pregnant.

Use Pregnancy Pillows While Sleeping

Sleep and nap in a proper position, that’s mean lay on your left side, have a pillow to support you back, keep another soft pillow under your growing belly, and keep one in between your legs and keens for supporting your spin when you are sleeping or napping during pregnancy.

Drink Lots Of Fluid

Drink lots of fluid to minimize back pain when back pain is due to urinary tract infection.

You can minimize your back pain by fallowing these tips, when it is normal back pain during pregnancy. If you have tried a lot and still you are feeling extreme pain in you back, must consult with your doctor, know the basic reason for that pain, your doctor may suggest you some exercises or stretches to strengthen your back to minimize back pain, or he/she may prescribe any medication to relieve you from back pain during pregnancy.

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