9 Tips For Online Dating Women

Online Dating Women

Online Dating Women The digital age has engulfed the search for love. They are called online dating sites and they are here to stay. No matter how much you have been lying to your friends, you know you are signed up for one. Finding your Mr. Right may just be a click away, but it is not as easy as it sounds. The only problem with the virtual medium is that it is virtual! You never know if the person on the other side of your computer screen is faking his weight or height or habits. Hence, caution is the word for online dating.

Yet, online dating can be a lot of fun too. The best thing about online dating is that it shortens distance. You can interact with a person living miles away and get to know him. Hence, do not shy away from online dating. Just keep the following tips in mind before you start looking out for your Mr. Right online:

Tips For Online Dating Women

Be Honest

It is not cliché when they say “Treat people the way you wish to be treated.” Hence, before you expect the other person to be honest with you, it is important that you be honest yourself. In your profile state all information correctly. Upload genuine and recent photos. Remember you are great just as you are. Take pride in yourself and do not shy away from being the real you online. Hence, be true to yourself and to others!

Work on your Profile

In online dating, your profile is a mirror of yourself. So make it as good as you are. Upload photos in which you are beaming and grinning. The ones in which you are sulking are not allowed. Do not show a lot of flesh. It does not give out a good impression. While posting multiple photos is always welcome, posting tons of them reeks of desperation.

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When you are describing yourself avoid being too poetic or too banal. Be sure to list all your tastes and preferences. It’s okay to mention your quirks and eccentricities too!

Be Different

If you know there’s no one quite like you then that should reflect in your profile too. The key here is to be original and avoid clichés. Your profile should reflect your uniqueness. However, you should not sound too full of yourself. Be as subtle as possible in detailing yourself. Another thing to keep in mind is to avoid abbreviations and slangs. They reflect badly on your profile.

Be flexible in your Approach

We all have a Mr. Right in our mind and we want to replicate the same in our real lives too. But wake up! Your perfect ten exists only in your head. It is alright to allow a few deviations here and there. Plus is not life all about going out of your comfort zone? Therefore, do not be rigid while shortlisting profiles. The key here is to learn to stretch a little.

Make a Move

Once you have shortlisted someone and his interests match with yours then do not hesitate to make a move. Try and chat as much online as possible and get to know him. It is very important to reach out. Remember this is what you are here for. Do not wait for others to make a move. A lot of men find women who make the first move as confident and sure of themselves.

Do not Expect too Much

Online dating can do only so much. Hence keep your expectations as realistic as possible. Do not buy what the movies tell you. There is a difference between the reel and the real life.

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You cannot and you should not fall in love with someone online. That is not mature at all. Tell yourself that you are here to meet new people and select a few you like. If you like someone then it is best to take things offline.

Learn to Say No

You are not the only one shortlisting people on online dating sites. There are others too and some of them may think you fit the bill. But if they do not fit your list then you should say no. Do not linger. If you do you are wasting your time and someone else’s too. However, the key is to not come across as boorish. Try and be as polite as possible and let the other person know that you are not interested in him.

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Do not be Judgmental

While it is okay to evaluate someone based on your standards and parameters it is equally important to not jump to conclusions. You are not here to judge. Go on online dating platforms with an open mind. Give the other person and yourself time to know each other. Do not base your whole evaluation of someone based on one comment or post. If there is something on his profile that bothers you rather than hurrying to a conclusion, it is better to confront and ask him.

Do not Hurry

Do not rush things. If you like someone online then be patient and get to know him even more. It is important to not get carried away. The key is to not assume. He may be a good person but why hurry. Wait till you take things to the next level. Only after you are sure that you want to take this forward make the move. This not just reflects that you are mature but also someone who likes to take things gradually.

While you are at it, always remember online dating is just a precursor to dating in real. You can only know a person so much online. In case a person’s online description does not match with the real him at all feel free to politely cut cords. Online dating is a great medium to look for love only when you are realistic about it. No matter what happens, keep in mind that your Mr. Right is out there somewhere. All you need to do is find him!