9 Super Cool Uses Of Banana Peeling With Its Hack


Bananas, every human on earth is friendly with this fruit but how many of them can open this fruit as neatly as a monkey can? The answer lies in the way humans have been peeling bananas for ages and thus the need to learn the perfect and cool banana peeling hack which is so very important.

The Banana Peeling Hack

Unlike what one may have thought, what if they are yet to encounter a video of a monkey peeling a banana perfectly to learn the trick from, but things are a bit different out here as the work is much easy than it seems to be.
The steps to peel a banana perfectly starts off by pinching that end of the banana which does not end in the elongated green yellow colored stem but just the opposite end. Pinching on the bottom portion of the banana actually helps in spreading the skin apart in dual leaves immediately lifting them down one after the other.

Thus, there comes as an outcome, a awesomely and neatly peeled banana which otherwise was always a pain. While one has learnt the art of peeling a banana which might as well bring one to love the fruit even more, getting more information about them would not hurt either! After learning through the easy and simple method to peel off a banana like a pro, lets discover the ways one can reduce the waste produced by reusing the discarded peels into something utterly useful.

Some Of The Ways To Reuse The Banana Peels Are Discussed As Below

Used As Compost

The easiest of the ways to use the banana peels are to mix it with the compost pile. The peels are high in phosphorus and potassium content both of which helps in promoting root development and improves the plant health too.


As A Food For The Seedlings

To use the banana peels a great way is to chop it and bury one or two small piece into the soil from where a seedling will grow from. This gives the seedling a much needed boost of nutrients and will help the plant grow healthily too. However making sure that the seeds or the seedlings are not touching the peels is pretty important to save the seeds from damage.


Keeps The Aphids At Bay

In case that one is tired of aphids in the soil where the plants are growing, a great way to deter them is by the use of banana peels. Burying a few pieces of banana peels just under the soil surface around the plants help in keeping the tiny garden pests at bay!


As A Food For The Livestock

Very like humans, the livestock animals such as pigs, chickens and rabbits also love the taste of ground up and dried banana peels in their daily diet. Thus as a food they are a great source of nutrition and yummy too!


Great For The Skin

Massaging a slice of a ripe banana peel over the entire face everyday gives the skin a healthier, younger and a soft appearance. This is due to the presence of the nutrients and the acids present in the peel which helps in nourishing and exfoliating the skin surface as well.


As A Silver Polish

Another great use of banana peel lies in the fact that it can polish tarnished silver to give them a brand new look. This is due to the fact that banana peels are high on fruit acids which react with the silver and gives the desired result as well. Rubbing a piece of peel on the silver helps get the new look back to life!


Used In Making Vinegar

Banana peels can also be used in order to make vinegar as well. Apart from this, it can abe added as a flavoring in salads as well as vegetable dishes where it’s sour and bitter flavor with sweet undertone can be put to use!


Used As Compost Tea

Like being used in compost pile, the banana peels can also be used to feed the garden area. The compost tea can be made by dropping a few banana peel into a full bucket of water and let it stand for a few days to create the perfect tea mix. After the tea compost is ready using it to water the plants as usual on a monthly basis by adding one part of this tea in five parts of fresh water keeps the plants grow strong and healthy due to the nutrition it provides.

Helps Whiten Teeth

Rubbing the inside of the peel on the teeth once a day for at least two weeks help in removing stains and make them look great.

 Whiten Teeth