9 Stylish Summer Hairstyles For A Sexy Look

Stylish Summer Hairstyles

Come summer and it is time to try out some sexy new hairstyles. There are many stylish hairstyles which you can try out this summer to complement your chic summer attire. Instead of leaving your long, gorgeous locks open and feeling hot and bothered why not try some elegant summer hairstyles which can fetch you plenty of complements?

Sexy Summer Hairstyles

It does not matter whether you have long, medium or short hair, because there is a summer hairstyle that is just right for you. From simple ponytails to elegant up-dos the options in summer hairstyles are endless. If you want to look super sassy then you can even cut your hair short. Choose a summer hairstyle that will not only complement your glamorous summer dresses, but one which will suit your unique face shape and personality as well. The secret to getting the perfect summer hairstyle is to experiment with different hairstyles in your free time. Invite a bunch of your friends over to your place and try out different hairstyles on each other to get an idea on what looks best on you.

Sexy Summer Hairstyles

Popular Summer Hairstyles

Most girls like to keep a close watch of their favorite celebrities to get an idea of the popular trends in hairstyles. Some of the popular summer hairstyle trends for the current year include half up-dos, French braid and high ponytails. Some of the hip hairstyles which can make you look extremely gorgeous have been discussed below.

A Messy Up Do

Instead of a neat bun, the flavor of the season is a messy up do. A messy hairdo can not only help to beat the heat, but it gives the wearer a charming appearance. Sexy yet elegant, the messy up do is ideal for a night out. This hairstyle has been created to last the night without unraveling and giving the wearer a disheveled look. Ideally leave a few strands of hair loose to frame your face. A messy up do gives an innocent charm to any woman who wears it.

Messy Up Do Summer Hairstyle

A Half  Up Do

The half up dos is ideal for women with medium to long hair. If you are looking for a unique hairstyle where you don’t want to tie up your hair nor leave it loose then the half up do is just the thing for you. You can create a half up do by pulling up and securing half the hair with a hair clip or rubber band and leaving the rest of the hair loose. This hairstyle gives the wearer a youthful almost girlish appearance.

Half Up Do Summer Hairstyle

The Slicked Back Bun

Women who like to wear their hair in a slicked back bun look ultra elegant. To get a fair idea of what this hairstyle looks like, go through fashion magazines featuring the popular reality star Kim Kardashian. Kim has been seen wearing her hair in a slicked back bun for many events. This is a quick hairstyle option which can be created in under ten minutes. All one needs to do is to apply hair gel and pull the hair back into a high ponytail. Next secure the hair with a tight elastic band and twist the hair into a bun. Secure loose ends with hair pins and tame flyaway with a further daub of hair gel.

Slicked Back Bun Summer Hairstyle

The Braided Up Do

The Hollywood actress Kirsten Dunst popularized this particular hairstyle. This hairdo is much easier to create than it actually looks. In fact this particular style is ideal for any formal party that you will be attending this summer. To create this look, dampen your hair, apply hair mouse and air dry your hair. Next, use a curling iron to create loose wavy curls. Pull the hair back into a bun and top it off with a braided hair band which you procure easily at most hair accessories shops.

Braided Up Do Summer Hairstyle

The Boho Braid

The Boho Braid hairdo actually takes some of the elements of the braided up do to create a brand new look. To create this stylish look, make a side parting and take a section of hair close to the hairline. Next divide the hair into three sections. Create a French braid and wear the braid like a hair band. Secure the end of the braid with some strong hair pins. Leave the rest of the hair loose. Sienna Miller can be credited for popularizing this particular chic summer look.

Boho Braid Summer Hairstyle

The Classic Side Swept Look

If you want to go in for a classier look, then try the side swept look. You can give a deep side parting and pull all the hair to one side of the head. Next you can either secure the hair in a loose bun or tie it into a chic side ponytail or French braid. A variation of this look is to cut the hair into long bangs and comb it to one side of the forehead.

Classic Side Swept Summer Hairstyle


Braids are back with a bang. Most women are experimenting with the simple braid and are coming up with some stunning looks. Some of the different styles in hair braids include the simple braid, the French braid or the fish tail braids. Of course creating the fish tail braid and Classic French braid takes some practice, but the effort is totally worthwhile. This look is ideal for a day on the beach as it creates a stylish yet trendy look. This summer wearing your hair in loose braids is considered totally sexy and hot.

Braids Summer Hairstyle

The Straight and Sleek Look

Summer season does not necessarily mean that you have to tie up your hair. If you have been blessed with straight, sleek hair, you can leave it loose after pumping up your hair with some volume creating hair spray or shampoo. Smoothen down frizz with a tad bit of hair gel. If you are a die hard fan of Selena Gomez then you should definitely try out this hairstyle.

Straight And Sleek Summer Hairstyle

The Short and Messy Look

If you have short hair then try out the short and messy look. This is an extremely playful look that works really well this summer. Simply rub some hair gel on damp hair and use a blow dryer on medium heat to create a messy tousled look. The actress Halle Berry has often worn this look with aplomb.

Short And Messy Summer Hairstyle