9 Signs Of Heart Attack You Should Never Ignore

Signs Of Heart Attack

Have you ever wondered, if anything goes incorrect with your heart, how will you know? All heart problems do not come with symptoms, but some do. Few come with clear signs to warn you. Unlike what happens in movies, you will not fall down on the floor clutching your chest. There are few warning signs that do not come from your chest. But if you do not ignore the sings your body show then you can be ready for facing any kind of health issue that will come your way.

Here are few signs of heart attack you should never ignore

Discomfort In The Chest

It is the most dreaded sign of all. When you are going to have a heart attack or you have a blockage in any artery then is when you feel tightness, pressure and pain in your chest. Often this symptom is noticed when you are resting or while you are doing some physical work and it lasts for more than few minutes.

Chest Pain

Heartburn, Stomach Pain, Indigestion Or Nausea

Many people have stomach pain, indigestion, nausea or heartburn as a symptom too before heart attack. Mostly women are prone to show these symptoms as compared to men. Indigestion can also occur when you eat something out of your routine, but you should be aware of all the signs that your heart give you.

Leads To Heartburn

Dizziness And Shortness Of Breath

Many people feel breathless while in rest, this may happen due to asthma or COPD. However, it is also a symptom of heart attack and thus should never be ignored. Even dizziness indicates towards heart attack.


Increased Heart Beat

When you heart beat becomes fast and irregular then it’s the time to get worried and consult a doctor. Increased heart beat is often accompanied by dizziness, shortness of breaths and weakness. If this goes ignored you can face a heart failure, stroke or even sudden death.

heart beat

Sweating And Anxiety

If you break out sudden sweats and experience anxiety then do not ignore it, as it may indicate towards a heart attack.


Weakness And Tiredness

Unusual feelings of severe weakness and tiredness if experienced for a longer period may lead you top a heart attack. This sign should never be ignored.


Pain Which Starts And Spreads Towards The Arm

This a classic symptom of heart attack and mostly happens on the left side of your body. The pain mostly starts from your chest and radiates outwards and spreads on to the arm.

Pain Which Starts And Spreads Towards The Arm

Continuous Cough

Usually this is not a sign of trouble in your heart, but if you have a persisting cough and ejects a pink or white mucus, then your heart is sending you warning signs. You should not hesitate and ask you r doctor the reason your prolonged cough and unnatural mucus.


Swollen Feet, Legs And Ankles

You ankles, feet and legs swell when your heart is unable to pump blood properly and effectively. In return the blood gets accumulated in the veins and cause bloating. You can have a heart attack if this symptom persists.

Relieves Swelling

Now as you know the symptoms of heart attack, you should never ignore them. It can save your life as well as your loved ones. Consult your doctor as soon as possible to get the required treatment and lead a healthy life.