9 Essential Health Tests Every Man Needs

Health Tests Every Man Needs
Screening tests play a vital role in determining and diagnosing your health. A health check done at the right time can save you from many diseases (some may be fatal) and also reduce the health expenditure to a miniscule amount. Screening tests diagnose and judge the symptoms pretty early and makes them easily treatable. A test that finds a pre-diabetes condition beforehand can prevent impotence and blindness. An early cancer mole detection can help you to treat cancer as a cancer can be fully treated when diagnosed early. The tests that are done are based on certain lifestyle, genetic and other risks and also depend on your age.

Here Are 9 Essential Screening Tests Every Man Needs

Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is a common cancer form that is found in American males and is ranked only after skin cancer in terms of the number of people affected. Many of them develop slowly but there are some that grow at very fast rates. A timely screening finds out the symptoms of the cancer and the treatment and early stages is more effective and life-saving. The techniques used for screening of Prostate cancer include the PSA or prostate-specific-antigen test and DRE or the digital-rectal-exam. All American men should discuss with their doctor the test at age of 50. Those having a history of prostate cancer in their family must consult at the age of 40 while Africa-Americans and others who are at high risk of the disease should consult at the age of 45.

Prostate Cancer
Testicular Cancer

Most of the testicular cancer cases are reported between 20 to 54 years of age. The cancer affects the testicles of males which are the sperm-producing reproductive glands.

Testicular Cancer
Cholesterol Levels

A high level of LDL cholesterol creates conditions like Atherosclerosis which is the buildup of sticky plaque within artery walls. The plaque goes on accumulating until fatal conditions like stroke and heart attack appear. Medications and changes in lifestyle prevent this dangerous plaque buildup and lower the risk of your suffering from any disease related to the cardiovascular system. A blood-lipid-panel test finds all good cholesterol (HDL), blood fat or triglycerides and bad cholesterol (LDL) levels in your body. The test findings help you to prevent conditions like stroke, heart diseases and diabetes. After 20 years every person should undergo these tests. It is a must after 35 years of age.



Glaucoma has no symptoms in many cases. The disease characterizes the damage of optic nerves and can cause blindness. The screening tests find out the disease at early stages so that the optic damage does not occur and there is no irreversible vision loss. All adults above 40 years of age should have eye health checkups regularly.


Human Immunodeficiency Virus Or HIV

HIV spreads through body secretions that are secreted through mouth, eyes, vagina, sperm and skin-breaks. There is no vaccine and cure of the disease yet. The medications that treat the virus (so that it does not turn into AIDS or acquired immune deficiency syndrome) have serious side effects. As there are no symptoms of HIV infection in many cases, a blood test is the only way to find out whether an HIV infection has occurred or not. ELISA and Western-Blot-Essays are the 2 tests used to find out an HIV infection.

Anti HIV Drug

Type 2 Diabetes

Most people do not know that they are suffering from a pre-diabetes condition. Uncontrolled diabetes leads to blindness, nerve damage, stroke and other heart diseases and impotence. Medications, controlled diet and routine exercise can avoid the complications. AIC, glucose-tolerance-test and blood-sugar-test can all diagnose diabetes early. After 45, each adult should undergo a diabetes check test. You may also start earlier.



Age, weight and lifestyle are related to increase in blood pressure. Routine checking of blood pressure can prevent hypertension and also heart diseases, strokes and other dangerous complications including aneurysm (artery ballooning). If you find any abnormality in your blood pressure then talk to your doctor immediately. Normal blood pressure is 120(systolic) and 80(diastolic). Pressure above 140(systolic) and 90(diastolic) is high blood pressure. In between these two pressure ranges lies pre-hypertension.

Treatment For Hypertension During Pregnancy

Skin Cancer

Melanoma is the most common type of cancer occurring in skin and affects the skin-color producing cells called as melanocytes. Prolonged exposure to sun and tanning beds escalates the risk of suffering from skin cancer manifold. Self exams for examining any changes in size, color and shape of the skin can find out the skin cancer at early stage. A health care professional or a dermatologist can also find out any early occurrences of skin cancer through the minutely done routine check-up exams.

Reduces Chances Of Skin Cancer

Colorectal Cancer

The cancer develops in the polyps of colon and occurs more in men than in women. It then spreads to other parts of the body. Early detection finds out the polyps when they are not cancerous. Hence a careening may prove vital in saving life. Colonoscopy is a test that is most commonly done for early detection of polyps. Sigmoidoscopy is another test used.

Prone To Colorectal Cancer