8 Ways To Prevent Breast Cancer

Prevent Breast Cancer

Prevent Breast Cancer Breast cancer is a very serious issue, and one that is on the rise. To prevent breast cancer, women need to take action immediately. There is no age bar at which breast cancer can affect a woman, as such it is important to take some necessary measure all the time to ensure you are safe. A lot of the factors that affect or can cause breast cancer in women are ones that women have no control over.

As such, in regard to these issues, the only thing women can do is to avoid them as much as possible. Governments spend millions and billions of dollars on medical research to be able to develop drugs that can help prevent problems like breast cancer; however they have all been very unsuccessful so far.

The best ways to prevent breast cancer are natural ways. These ways will perhaps require you to change your lifestyle to a certain way to ensure your health. It is important for women to have good breast care and health because they are the primary source of nourishment for the children they may have in the future. In addition to that they are also very important sexual organs in lovemaking. Most helpful ways to prevent breast cancer are supported through medical research and surveys conducted across the world. Here are 8 very helpful and effective natural ways that can help all women prevent breast cancer.

1. Physical Exercise and Staying Active

Global research has shown that women who indulge in around 30 to 45 minutes of various types of exercises daily have a 20%-40% decreased chance of getting affected by breast cancer. Out of 24 hours in the day, it is really not that big a challenge to spare around a half hour for the sake of having healthy breasts. You owe your body this. Amongst the exercises that are most common are brisk walking, jogging, swimming, easy work out at the gym, and many more. These exercises are not very physically demanding on the body, as such having a regular regime in a gym can help you achieve a very high overall health.

2. Having a Healthy and Balanced Diet

Cancer-causing forms of estrogen linger in female blood. As such having a high fiber diet will regulate and release these from the body. This can reduce the risk of breast cancer up to about 54%. Have fresh fruits, juice, whole grains, white meat, and carotenoid rich vegetables. You should avoid soymilk and soy oils; however soybeans and products like tofu and miso are definitely recommended in the diet plan. If you have enough garlic, onions, and leeks then you should feel at ease as they help neutralize the free radicals in the blood.

3. Maintain a Healthy Weight

Having a healthy weight is very, very important. This is because being overweight, alone can cause a lot of complications for a person. In regard to breast cancer this is no joke and women must watch their weight.

Preventing Breast Cancer

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It has been scientifically observed that women who have a lot of glycemic sweets, sugary drinks, and other artificially sweetened products are usually very overweight. As such being overweight has been directly related to be a major cause of breast cancer.

4. Be Cautious of Your Alcohol Consumption

If you drink alcohol twice or more daily, then you are very likely to develop breast cancer at an early stage. Alcohol is only acceptable when it is consumed publicly in rare occasion, and not daily and 9 PM. In addition to that the rate and risk of breast cancer is said to increase with the consumption of every additional drink.

5. Reduce Carcinogen Exposure

These are usually caused through x-rays, and traveling by air. As such limit your air travel because this also increases the risk of breast cancer. In addition to that make sure that if you have to have any x-rays done, they are the mandatory ones and not extra. Also, eliminate any exposure to insecticides or other related insect repellent sprays.

6. Don’t Smoke – actively or passively

Smoking is anyhow injurious to health, and for women it is especially harmful due to the high-related risk of breast cancer. Even if you do not smoke but are around people who smoke, you are still at a great risk because you will be passively inhaling smoke. Your risk of getting affected by breast cancer will rise up to 40%.

7. Change from Eating Fats to Eating Healthy Fats

Contrary to popular belief, there are many types of fat. Some are healthy and beneficial for us, and some are not.

Breast Cancer prevention

Trans fats are said to increase the risk of breast cancer but having monosaturated fats as well as fish oils will lower your risks by about 25%-30%. It is best to have omega 3 fish oil and olive oil. Olive oil is always recommended for cooking as well because it is one of the healthiest cooking oils in the world.

8. Take Supplements

It is not necessary that you will be able to obtain all the necessary nutrients your body needs from the diet that you pursue. As such the best way is to add supplements to your daily routine. They are readily available over the counter at any local drug store. It is best to buy the multi-vitamin supplements so you only have to consume one type of pill that will provide you with all the necessary vitamins. If you feel the need to go the extra mile, then it recommended that you consume the omega 3 fish oil supplements as they are very healthy.


These 8 natural and easy ways cannot only help you prevent breast cancer; they can also help you lead a happy and healthy life. By strictly and regularly following these tips you can have a very strong immune system, and you would not have to worry about the common cold, flues, and viruses as much. In addition to all that preventing breast cancer effectively means a much more enjoyable and prolonged sexual life for you.