8 Ways To Get Over A Break Up

Get Over BreakUp

Get Over BreakUp Break up – the word that every person in a relationship dreads and fears the most. It is that one thing that you wish to avoid. But break ups are never inevitable. There are a lot of reasons why people break up. Sometimes its mutual and sometimes its because one of the partners is not happy in the relationship. Mutual break ups are easier to handle since both parties agree to the end of the relationship. But when its not mutual break ups can be a tad tough to handle. Here are some tips to deal with a break up.

You are Not the Only One!

Breaking up is not easy, even for the person who initiates it. The person at the receiving end tends to feel like a scapegoat after being dumped by the partner but being the one to break up the relationship is also not the best feeling in the world. Initiating the break up makes the person guilty to no extent. So don’t think that you are the only one who is hurt and betrayed.

Accept the Reality

Most of the times break ups happen when they are least expected. And it is during these times that you must accept the reality. Even though you thought that your relationship was meant to be, you must realize that no relationship in this world is perfect. If the relationship is going to end, you must embrace it bravely because if one of the partners is unhappy then being together does not make sense.

Sharing is Caring

Grieving is the first step to healing they say. So don’t control whatever you are feeling but let it out. Cry it out if you want. They say that happiness is doubled when shared with everyone while sorrow/grief is halved. So share your feelings with your loved ones – be it your family, best friend etc.

Don’t Blame Anyone

Whenever things go against you in life you tend to blame someone or the other. Especially in a break up most of the times you blame yourself. Playing blame games does not help anyone.

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Its not going to help you get your love back and nor will blaming your partner help you get the closure.


Break up does not mean that you completely stop all means of communication with your partner. Its not an adult way of dealing with it. A closure after an end of any kind of relationship is very important. You must sit and talk it out exactly what went wrong and how. This will help you not only to put a good end to your relationship but will also help you for future relationships.

Friends and Family

An end of a relationship affects people adversely to a great extent. It is during this time that friends and family come in to the picture. Don’t think of yourself as being alone because the person that you treasured the most has left you. Remember that your family and friends will always be there for you no matter what. Spend some quality time with them. Go out for movies, shopping and eat outs and try not to think too much about the break up. Remember, an idle mind is always a devil workshop.

Rediscover Yourself

Time heals everything. Post break up it gets difficult to find enjoyment or happiness in whatever you do. But gradually as time passes by you must get over with it and move on. Meeting new people is the best way to carry on with your life. New people mean new perspective, new opinions, new thought process and new friends. Try and learn new things. Spend your time doing what you’re passionate about. Join hobby classes. In short pamper yourself. Take time out and invest in yourself.


Break ups are a part and parcel of life. Just like a child falls down a number of times before he learns to walk, same way failed relationships teach us a lot of lessons which eventually ends in a successful relationship. So don’t give up on love because hope is the only thing on which the human race exists. So go out there, embrace life and don’t let a break up pull you down.

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