8 Quick & Easy Hair Styles For College Girls


Hair Styles For College Girls Hair is the crowning glory of the women! Young, college going girls are really fond of their hair and want to look the best. There are various kinds of quick and easy hair styles for college girls, which help in enhancing their personality and looks. It is very important for a girl to make sure that the hair style she selects for herself suits her face cut.

It is not necessary that the hair style and hair cut which suits her friend would suit her too. Choosing the right kind of hair style according to the hair type and the face cut would definitely help in boosting up the confidence and personality of the girls. In this write-up, we shall throw light on eight quick and easy hair styles for college girls.

Quick And Easy Hair Styles For College Girls

Messy Bun

A simple and messy bun looks great on college going girls with medium to long length hair. It would take only three to four minutes to make this hair style. You just need to pull all your hair on the top and hold them with the help of an elastic band, which is rolled two or three times around the hair. Thereafter, a few bobby pins are used to shape the bun. A few hair strands are taken out from the sides and a hair spray is used to set the hair.

Messy Bun Hair Styles

Side French Braid

French braid made on the side helps in giving a casual college going look. The hair is parted on the side and a braid is made across the hair line. Side French Braid Hair Styles

Chopstick Hairstyle

Chopstick hair style is very easy to make, in which the hair is pulled up and held with the help of special long hair pins. There is no need to use actual chopsticks for the purpose. An interesting way is to make use of pencils to hold the hair.

Chopstick Hair Style


Just putting a headband on your hair is a simple and easy hair style for college going girls. The looks and the personality of the girls are enhanced in an amazing manner with the help of just putting a colorful hair band, matching with the dress, on the hair.

Headband Hair Styles

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Tying the hair in the form of a ponytail is, no doubt, one of the quick and easy hair styles for college girls. You just need to hold all the hair together and tie them together with the help of a ponytail holder.

Ponytail Hair Styles

Hair Accessories

The hair style industry is loaded with numerous hair accessories these days. You can make use of any kind of hair accessory like hair pin, bobby pin, hair clip etc. to style up your hair. Hair Accessories For College Girls

Messy Updo

Holding all the hair together, twisting them together in one direction and then pulling them up and tying them with a clip is one of the easiest and quickest hair styles for college girls.

Messy Updo Hair Styles

Hair Coloring

Now-a-days, hair coloring is in great demand. The hair color that you choose should suit your skin tone and natural hair color, so as to augment the look and beauty of your hair. This trend is becoming very common among college going girls these days. Hair Coloring For College Girls