8 Pre And Post Workout Nutritious Foods

Pre And Post Workout Nutritious Foods

Workout is very much necessary in order to keep your body fit. But only workout and not eating properly will have no effect on the body, it will only imply negative effect on your body. Most of the people in spite of being educated, still lives in confusion how to work out properly and what are healthy foods that are nutritious enough in order to keep them healthy. We should always remember one thing that no matter how much we do exercise and how much we workout, if we do not have a proper balanced diet all our effort we go in vain. It’s not a hard job to take care of these things in order to keep yourself fit, the only thing is that you got have to a little knowledgeable enough so that you do not face with any problem. People can gather knowledge from various intern sources or can hire some trainers who can rain them in proper ways. So let us see or rather explore the pre and post workout nutrition rich foods that one much take in order to complete their balanced diet and keep them fit and healthy.

Pre Workout Nutrition Rich Food

If you ask about the pre workout nutrition rich food, one should always remember that morning breakfast have to be really heavy must be filled with nutritious food items. Pre workout food must be rich in carbohydrate and must varied quantity of proteins, fats and fibers because this help the muscle to have the potential to carry out high intensity workout.

Sprouts And Legumes

Considered one of the best and most nutritious food to have before workout. Sprouts and legumes are rich in carbohydrates, proteins, fibers and vitamin C and K. The content of this food will give enormous energy to carry out your work.



Another nutritious food to be considered which is rich in carbohydrate, fats, proteins and fibers. You can enjoy the oatmeal with some fruit toppings which will give you more energy. Must thing must be remembered- avoid sugar in your oatmeal, if necessary you can use honey.

Banana Date Oatmeal

Whole Grain Wheat Bread

You can have this carbohydrate rich food along with some protein rich boiled eggs. The best thing to have before workout.

Whole Wheat Bread

Yogurt and Cucumber

Yoghurt is rich in proteins and cucumber is also nutritious, which will give you enormous energy to stretch your muscles and workout more.

Curd And Yogurt

It is always advisable to take the nutrition rich food 2 hours prior to start with your workout.

Post Workout Nutrition Rich Food

Lot of energy is being used while working out hard in order to grow your muscles and maintain a proper physique. You have to regain the lost energy so that you keep fit. The post workout nutrition rich food must include lots of fluids and carbohydrates.

Fruit Milkshake Or Raw Fruit Salads

After your tiring workout you can refresh yourself with yummy fruit milkshakes of bananas, apples or watermelon which are highly energized and have lot of water content. One can even have fruit salads as well after the workout.

Fresh Cream For Fresh Salad

Dry Fruits

This protein and carbohydrate rich food will help you to regain all the energy lost during workout.

Dry Fruits

Orange Juice

It is one of the compulsory fruit juice to have after workout which will make you feel refreshed and energized.

Castor Oil With Orange Juice

Cereals With Milk

Cereals are rich source of carbohydrates, proteins, fibers and calcium which are very much important for muscle recovery and energy.

Add Fruits To Cereals