8 Main Causes Of Heart Attack In Women

Causes Of Heart Attack In Women Heart disease is a prominent health problem among women. All women are at threat of heart attack as certain additional risks factors are unique to women only. Heart disease begins slowly by a process known as atherosclerosis, where plaque starts accumulating in the arterial walls, making it difficult for passage of blood.

In case, accumulated blood form clots, it will lead to a heart attack. Women with a family history of cardiovascular diseases should pay even more attention in understanding the risk factors of heart attack and take measures to avoid it.

Important Causes Of Heart Attack In Women

The regular risk factors common to both men and women are high blood pressure, high cholesterol and obesity.

High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure levels when reaches a reading above 140/90 or more, it is the case of high blood pressure. Blood pressure need to be maintained within normal range as prolonged high blood pressure damages the arterial walls, making them narrow and stiff.

high blood pressure

The heart is under extra stress, in pumping blood and this may result into a heart attack. In women, a chance of blood pressure to go high is more during pregnancy and old age. Women with blood pressure levels from 120/80 to 139/89 should be extra careful, as it is a pre-hypertension phase, which is highly likely to rise in the future.


Women carrying excess fat around the waistline are at higher risk of a heart attack than those carrying fat around the thighs and hips.


In other words, women with apple shaped body are at much higher risk of cardiovascular disease, including heart attack than women with pear shaped body. In adults, BMI of 30 or more is considered obese with a greater risk towards a heart attack.

Factors Of Heart Attack That Play Profound Role In Women:-

Depression And Mental Stress

These affect more profoundly the heart of women than men. Depression symptoms have to be carefully handled and managed, under the supervision of the doctor, before it takes a toll on women’s heart.

High Cholesterol

High Cholesterol

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High amount of saturated fats, triglycerides and cholesterol when gets build up in the arterial wall, may cause clogging of the arteries, causing heart to get insufficient blood, leading to a heart attack. Every women beyond age 20 and above, must get their triglyceride and cholesterol levels analyzed once in every 5 years, to keep developing signs of heart disease at check.

Metabolic Syndrome

Accumulation of excess fat around the waistline and high sugar levels put a major impact on women’s health. Women undergo many metabolic changes during their different reproductive phases and have high chances of them going haywire, affecting women’s heart in the long run.

Low Estrogen

Reduced levels of estrogen hormone, especially post menopause, put women at a significantly higher risk of developing heart disease and heart attack.



Tobacco smoking or second hand smoking increases the risk for heart disease by robbing of oxygen from the blood and triggering plague accumulation within the arteries. This may lead to blood clot formation, causing a heart attack. Women have manifolds higher risk, even if, they smoke just one or two cigarettes a day.

Calcium Supplements

Prolonged use of calcium supplements to treat disease like osteoporosis in women puts them at risk for a heart attack. Calcium in supplements tend to deposit as fatty plagues in the arteries, causing plagues to harden and raising the risk of heart disease, stroke and a heart attack.