8 Herbal Remedies For Anxiety

Herbal Remedies For Anxiety

Anxiety is just another synonym of depression or stress. In today’s high demanding, struggling life, this word has seeped in slowly, wreaking havoc on people’s life. Whether it’s by way of health, mind, or relationships, the anxiety seems to be omnipresent.

To tackle the problem, it’s essential to resort to herbal remedies, which are safe and potent on the bodies, negating the risk of side effects. Let’s check out a list of herbs, which can keep your stress at bay.

Herbal Remedies For Anxiety

Chamomile Is A Stress Busting Herbal Remedy

Chamomile For Anxiety

Chamomile is a herb, which is known to impart calming effect on the body and mind. Whether it is by way of an essential oil, dried flowers, shower products or simply a herbal tea, the herb does wonders to your body. Just sip on that calming chamomile tea for that instant relaxation.

Ashwagandha Is A Good Stress Buster

Ashwagandha For Anxiety

Ashwagandha has been known in Ayurveda for long. It has been associated with calmness, mood enhancers and much more. Sip in tea, which has been brewed with the herb, to calm your mood swings.

Fennel Or Saunf Is Another Calmer

Fennel For Anxiety

Although the herb is not linked to the treatment directly, but it is believed to have indirect effects, which in turn help in cooling and calming the hyperactive mind. It is effective in treating the other symptoms of anxiety by way of indigestion, coughing and asthma, which usually are accompanied in anxiety.

Passionflower Doesn’t Have Any Side Effects

Passionflower For Anxiety

This herb is great for treating all kinds of anxiety, including the mild and moderate ones. It is immensely useful for treating anxiety as it helps by reducing the muscle tension, fatigue and sleeplessnessThis will be great to alleviate from all those situations of mood swings, nervousness and headaches.

Kava Root Is Great For Anxiety

Kava For Anxiety

Mostly found in south pacific, this herb is known to be extremely potent for treating anxiety. This herb has also been used in clinical studies to test its efficiency in treating mild and moderate anxiety. It also helps in calming symptoms of anxiety like nervousness, mood swings and sleeplessness.

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Lemons Are Great For Reducing Those Headaches

Lemon For Anxiety

Have you ever thought of inhaling that fresh citrusy aroma while anxious? If not, then try it out the next time you feel a little agitated or nervous. The lemony smell is an instant mood enhancer. Lemons are known to enhance the mood, make one calm and also improve the alertness.

Try Hops For More Than Beer

Hops For Anxiety

Hops might be something you associate beer with, but try its effectiveness in anxiety. It can fight insomnia, headaches associated with stress and anxiety in no time. In fact, the pharmacy industry is now resorting to the herb, for making natural supplements, to combat anxiety.

Valerian Root Beats Anxiety

Valerian For Anxiety

Valerian root is primarily used as a natural sedative during stress and anxiety. It helps in relaxing the muscles, while reducing the physical and mental levels of stress significantly. However, no matter how natural or good a sedative it might be, it is still not advised for children and pregnant or lactating women. These herbal remedies are great to beat anxiety and its associated symptoms. Try them before you try over-the-counter drugs to alleviate your symptoms.