8 Great Ways To Increase Your Stamina

Eight Great Ways To Increase Your Stamina

Eight Great Ways To Increase Your Stamina Have you ever noticed that when two persons exercise, one may get fatigued easily after ten to fifteen minutes? On the other hand, working out for twenty minutes at a stretch is no big deal for the other.

It is also not uncommon to see our mothers doing household chores one by one nonstop and when we are asked to complete household chores, we yearn for break after just one household task. Why is it that some people can work more than others? Why is it that some of us feel tired easily just within a few minutes of some activity? A confusing difference why some of us can work for a longer time and why some of us get tired easily is the difference in every person’s stamina. So, what exactly is stamina? Let us check.

Stamina is the capacity to bear mental and physical activity for a longer duration. The word stamina is not only limited to the duration of time we can do a physical activity like exercise continuously, but also how much we can cope with stress, health ailments, and other such situations. So let us run our eyes over the following tips to increase stamina naturally without any medications.

However, it is advisable to consult your doctor before trying any new treatment, exercise, yoga, or diet. People who suffer from certain health ailments and pregnant women may not be allowed some exercises, yoga or treatments which otherwise would be fine. The following information is based on my research on stamina and how it can be increased naturally. We will also see how the following tips can help in increasing our stamina.

Deep Breathing: A Gentle Way To Increase Stamina

The benefits of deep breathing are multiple and it is a natural and easy way to help maintain stamina, any time of the day. Our stamina is closely related to our energy levels. Right? More the energy level more will be our stamina and less and vice versa. Deep breathing relaxes our mind, body and increases our energy level, which in turn promotes good stamina.

Walking And Swimming

Walking and swimming are two gentle and easy exercises that can benefit a lot for our overall health and also help us increase our stamina. They are also two perfect exercises to start with if you are not into a habit of exercising regularly. Walking relaxes our body, helps in reducing depression and stress, and also helps us loose extra pounds piled up in our body owing to our sedentary lifestyle. This leads to increase in our energy levels and hence increased stamina too.

Avoid A Long Gap Between Meals

Earlier, almost everyone followed the system of having three large meals per day and it is still being followed in most families. However, experts now suggest having small meals throughout the day in order to maintain our energy levels. A long gap between meals can lead to in-activeness due to lowered energy levels and hence low stamina. And the practice of having multiple meals helps in maintaining a healthy weight, which reduces risk of obesity, and thus fatigue, which affects stamina of an individual.

Eat Sensibly and Gift Yourself Increased Stamina

Eating correctly not only affects your stamina but many other factors like your body weight, functioning of the stomach, heart and so on. What you eat shows on your face, skin, hair, and body. I would neither like to repeat here that having a balanced diet will keep you healthy and fit nor would like to repeat what the constituents of a balanced diet are.

Eight Great Ways To Increase Your Stamina

I will just throw light on what foods can help in increasing our stamina. Foods that can help in increasing stamina are fruits like banana (a rich source of energy), oranges (rich in Vitamin C), milk (known to increase stamina especially when taken with honey), fish, oats, eggs, green leafy vegetables, and carrots.

Make Sure You Are Getting Enough Sleep

Overwhelmed with the basic factors of good health like exercise and diet, we often tend to neglect our sleep, which also is an essential pillar of health and fitness. Having a restful sleep is known to fight depression, anxiety and keep you refreshed and active. The body also feels less energetic due to lack of sufficient sleep. Keep a check on how many hours you sleep and whether you are getting a good night’s sleep or not. You will soon feel the difference yourself.

Are You Drinking Enough Water?

Drinking sufficient quantity of water is a must to remain healthy and also maintain a good stamina. Water cleanses the body and helps us to stay active. It also helps in maintaining body metabolism. Good body metabolism and energy levels are a must to have stamina.

The Tastiest Is Not Always The Best

Who can resist the temptation of steaming cheese, wrapped, mouth watering pizza while passing by the pizza corner? The next thing most of us would do is run at the counter and have one. Same situation and the same story goes for chocolate cakes, bread products, fried food items and snacks easily available anywhere. But unfortunately, the fact is that most of the foods, which taste awesome, are the worst enemies of health and stamina, if taken regularly and in excess amount. Junk foods are one of the major causes of most health ailments like obesity and heart diseases. So, if you want your health and stamina to be sound, make sure you limit the amount of junk food you consume.

Importance of a Healthy Weight

The most popular and the most common topic nowadays is weight loss. While too much weight loss and crash diets prove very harmful for the body, maintaining an ideal weight is helpful for overall health and also good stamina. Obesity leads to fatigue which adversely affects stamina. Eat sensibly and follow a proper diet to achieve an ideal weight. Even after taking the necessary steps, your weight does not reduce, consult your doctor. Because certain medical conditions like thyroid can cause excessive weight gain due to hormonal imbalance.