8 Essential Points To Consider For Wedding Makeup Package

Points To Consider For Wedding Makeup Package

Admit it or not, it has always been your dream to look the perfect on your wedding day. You have been dreaming about this day since you were a small girl. However, as the day is coming nearer, you are becoming a bundle of nerves with all the preparations that need to be taken care of. Out of everything else, the most important for a bride to be is the wedding day look. If you wish to look like you always wanted to, there are certain things that need solely your special attention. If you want to know these, here are 8 things that are extremely important to consider for your wedding makeup package.

Here Are Points To Consider For Wedding Makeup Package

Set Your Budget

The most important thing before planning anything in the world is to set the budget. The same is obviously applicable when wedding makeup is concerned. Everybody wants to look their best on the wedding day. While local parlors offer bridal makeup packages anywhere from Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 6,000, the price range for professional makeup artistes start from Rs. 10,000 and can go up in lacs. It is essential that you decide the amount that you can comfortably afford and to what extend it can be stretched before you book a makeup artiste. You may get tempted to hire the best in the industry but splurging more than you can actually afford on bridal makeup may get you in trouble later.

Set Your Budget

Makeup for Bridesmaids and Close Friends/ Relatives

It is seen more often than not these days that the brides want their close friends and relatives to get their makeup done by makeup artistes as well. This may be a reason for makeup specialists to come up with different special packages for the bride along with a set number of other people together at a certain price. Since, you would be paying for the entire package; it is going to be your decision to include the others of your choice in it.

makeup for bridesmaid

Pre Wedding, Wedding Day and Post-Wedding Ceremonies

While most people choose to get makeup done professionally only on the day of wedding and reception, it is also a good idea to get light make up done on other days as well to look beautiful throughout the entire party time. Moreover, you are going to look prettier with a little makeup in your photographs that would be taken during other ceremonies. If you decide on wearing makeup during the entire period, remember to check beforehand with the person you are planning to hire about the packages he or she has to offer. If you want, you can even choose different makeup artistes for different ceremonies.

pre wedding ceremony

Package Details

Most wedding makeup packages include facial makeup, hair styling, lehenga/ trousseau/sari draping along with putting on the jewelries. However, there are some makeup experts who would only do two or three of the required things and leave the rest for somebody else to do. Thus, it is extremely important to clear these things with your chosen one to avoid any confusion later.

Package Details


The bride is the queen on her wedding day and thus she is the only one who would decide what kind of makeup or hair styling to be done and what type of attire she is going to wear. Nowadays, research can be done online to know about the latest trend in wedding makeup, hair styling and clothing. Once you are done deciding, let the makeup man know well in advance so that he/she can also come prepare to give you the desired look on the most important day of your life. If you are not sure about anything you can always ask your chosen makeup specialist to guide you properly.


Pre Bridal Package

How you are going to look on your wedding day will depend very much on how you took care of yourself in the last few months. Thus, most girls go for pre bridal packages that include facials, body scrubs, body polishing, waxing, hair and skin treatments. Some girls hit the gym as well to shed the extra kilos so that they look perfect on the D-Day. If you are blessed with a toned body, flawless skin and healthy hair then you may skip this step or get things done in moderation. However, if you are suffering from any skin or hair issue it is advisable to go for the required treatments since people with extreme skin conditions and hair issues find them extremely helpful.

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Trial Day

While most people choose their makeup artistes based on references, some decide based on portfolios. However, it can never be known how a girl is going to look or the makeup man is going to make her look on the wedding day. Thus, it is extremely important to set a day for trial makeup. This would also help the makeup person to know the skin type and skin tone so that the makeup can be done accordingly. It is better to set the trial date at least 5-6 months prior so that you can change the beautician if you do not like the work.

trial makeup

Time And Distance Calculation

It is going to take at least 2.5 hours for you to get entirely ready on your wedding day. Thus, you are needed to set the time of appointment with the makeup expert according to the time it would take you to reach the wedding venue from where you would be getting ready at. This is important because you surely would not want to reach late at your own wedding for sure.

  Time And Distance Calculation