8 Effective Ways To Prevent Computer Vision Syndrome

Ways To Prevent Computer Vision Syndrome

Spending long hours in front of the computer screen has become a norm in today’s digitized world. For some it is more of a necessity than a choice as most jobs entail working on a computer. And not only in the work space, we remain glued to cellphones, tablets and laptops in our homes too. This continual staring at the bright visual displays gives rise to a hoard of eye related problems which are termed as Computer Vision Syndrome(CVS). Symptoms of CVS are dry, itchy and red eyes accompanied by headaches, blurred vision, double vision and difficulty in focusing on far away objects. These symptoms can be effectively managed by adopting certain measures and by correcting the position of the screen.

These Are Ways To Prevent Computer Vision Syndrome

Blink More Often

Blinking is our body’s response to protect our eyes from external irritants and has numerous advantages. Frequent blinking keeps the eyes moist, cleanses the eyes and improves vision. Normally, We blink once in every 3 to 4 seconds. However, there is sharp decrease in the blinking rate when we position our eyes on a computer screen as stress is laid on focusing. This tendency dries out the eyes and results in itchy and red eyes. To cope with this, one must make it a point to blink at least once in every 5 seconds while focusing on a computer.

Exercise Your Eyes

Exercise Your Eyes

Exercising the eye muscles rejuvenates the eyes and relieves CVS symptoms. Once every hour of your screen time do the eye rolling exercise. Focus your eyes on an object lying at the level of your eyes, then roll the eyes 12 times clockwise and then anti-clockwise. Now cover both the eyes with your palms and stay in this position for 5 minutes.

Exercise  Eyes

Take Frequent Breaks

Computer eye strain can also be minimized by looking at an object lying at 20 feet away for 20 seconds. Repeat this for every 20 minutes of screen time. This gives a break to the eyes from continuously looking at the computer screen and relaxes eye muscles. Also make it a point to get some fresh air at least twice a day as staying indoors for long intervals tires the eyes.

Take Frequent Breaks

Get Sufficient Sleep

Computer exposure affects sleep deprived eyes more. So in case you have a desk job make sure that you get adequate and timely sleep. Eliminate any bright visual exposure during or just before your sleep time  Take short naps during the day in the office.


Use Anti-Glare Screen

Another effective measure to prevent CVS is using anti-glare screen or glasses. These are specially made for computer viewing and reduce the strain on the eyes by minimizing screen contrast and brightness.

Use Anti-Glare Screen

Stay Hydrated

Many health problems can be prevented by sufficient intake of water. Staying hydrated will ensure that your eyes are well moistened and prevent them from drying.

Drinking Insufficient Water

Consume Healthy Foods

If you want to stay away from eye problems throughout your life then keep your intake of vitamin A and taurine rich foods high as they promote healthy vision. This becomes essential if you spend longer duration in front of the computer.


Adjust Background Lighting

The lighting of the room or space where you work on a computer has a huge effect on eye health. The background lighting needs to be equally or just a little less brighter than that of the screen. Care must be taken while positioning your computer or laptop so that the background lights do not reflect on the objects near the computer and interfere with your eyesight.

Adjust Background Lighting